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Yesterday we held a Zoom social mixer that focused on Paubox Marketing, our HIPAA compliant email marketing solution.

The premise for a Zoom social mixer is simple, we gather customers and prospects together online and we make sure we deliver a beverage or food of their choice. There's quite a bit of legwork involved, as we're often sending deliveries to three or four time zones.

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Paubox Marketing Zoom Social Mixer


As we've done since our first zoom social mixer, we ask each attendee two questions: "what do you want to drink or eat?" and "where do we send it?"

As we've continuously improved, we've also queried our guests what they'd like to talk about. This has been a wise move, as our regular attendees now view our Zoom social mixers as opportunities to network with peers, discuss trends, and learn new things.

During yesterday's Paubox Marketing Zoom social mixer, we covered the following:

  • A marketing stunt we did at HIMSS 2016 in Las Vegas.
  • Lilly Ohno, our Product Marketing Manager, did a comprehensive demo of some the new features we've recently added to Paubox Marketing.
  • We got positive feedback on the user experience (UX) of our new email marketing composer, as well as some interest in pre-populating Paubox Marketing with stock photos.
  • One of our customers, who had to leave early, had this to say in Zoom chat: "Unfortunately I cannot stay the rest of the time but have really enjoyed Paubox, how responsive you are, the excellent services you provide, and the friendliness of your employees. Thank you for putting this on, and I hope there will be another in the future!"
  • When Lilly showcased our new drip marketing features, there were several requests to show more advanced options, such as creating custom drip workflows based on particular links being clicked in a campaign.
  • When it comes to providing a sort of form or widget so that visitors to a site can sign up for a newsletter and get directly added to a Paubox Marketing list, about half the attendees thought it would be handy and half did not have a need for it.
  • There was a question of wanting to know what types of people are clicking on certain links, which could either be gleaned via the Paubox Marketing Analytics API endpoint or by download CSV reports.
  • There are continued requests to offer more granular user permissions for Paubox Marketing user roles. This is quite interesting to me, the various scenarios our customers and prospects are asking for.
  • When we queried the group for their need for a seamless, secure version of Paubox for HIPAA compliant texting, there was particular interest amongst the group. One of our customers remarked, "If you did that, some people at the top would be very happy with that."


Paubox Marketing


Prior to its launch, healthcare providers were stuck with generic messaging because it was impossible to personalize email with patient information without violating HIPAA regulations.

Now you can send your patients personalized messages that include PHI using our HIPAA compliant email marketing service, Paubox Marketing.

  • Grow your business. Send targeted, personalized messages that resonate with your audience.
  • Increase patient engagement. Drive engagement by including PHI in your HIPAA compliant email campaigns to create personalized and relevant messaging.
  • Track results. Access real-time analytics to track marketing campaign performance.
  • Improve patient outcomes. Ensure that patients don’t miss vital treatment by sending email reminders and recommendations for additional services.


Paubox Marketing is HITRUST CSF certified and is free to use for up to 100 contacts.

The free plan also includes a business associate agreement.

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