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Product roadmap for early 2019: MFA, reports, analytics, stability

Product roadmap for early 2019: MFA, reports, analytics, stability


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We spent the month of January compiling, sorting, and prioritizing a three month product roadmap for Paubox. As our customer base expands into the thousands, we've learned that we need to be better organized around customer feature requests.

I'm pleased to report we achieved all of the items in our first three month product roadmap. Kudos to Robby Huang (advisor and investor) for encouraging the use of a product roadmap. We've found not only do our customers like it, but our staff appreciates the shared product objectives as well. This post highlights some of our keynote items.

Weekly Email Reports


Product Roadmap for Early 2019 - Weekly Reports (Paubox)


We built out weekly email reports to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Retention. We quickly demonstrate value to our customers
  • Expansion. We make it easier for customers to buy more seats or gain credits via referrals


Our weekly email reports (so far) provide the following stats:
  • Emails sent per week
  • Unique referral credit link
  • Breakdown of emails sent per day over the past week
  • Ability to add more users
  • If purchased, a breakdown of Inbound Email Security Stats over the past week (Legit, Spam, Virus, Phishing)

In a nutshell, the same information can be obtained by logging in to our Admin Panel. But by sending it via secure email each Monday as well, our customers tell us it makes it easier to share the value we provide (e.g. upper management and co-workers).

Paubox Email API Analytics


Product Roadmap for Early 2019 - Email API Analytics (Paubox)

We built out Paubox Email API Analytics for the following reason:

  • Enterprise customers were in need of a robust reporting dashboard for our Paubox Email API
Our Paubox Email API Analytics Dashboard (so far) provides the following:
  • Dashboard reporting for the past day, week, and month
  • Messages Delivered, Opened, and not Delivered (Soft & Hard Bounce)
  • Realtime Mail Log (From, To, Subject, Message ID, Status, Date, Time)

We look forward to using customer feedback as a roadmap to further enhancing this dashboard.

Multi-factor Authentication

Product Roadmap for Early 2019 - MFA (Paubox)


We built out Multi-Factor Authentication to our Admin Panel for the following reasons:

  • It was part of our HITRUST certification process
  • Our enterprise customers were asking for it
  • We believe every service we offer to customers in 2019 should have MFA enabled by default.
  • We have strong conviction that MFA by default is where the market is heading. We aim to provide market leadership in this regard.


Improved Stability

Product Roadmap for Early 2019 - Improved Stability

Over the last three months, we’ve improved the stability of our platform by rewriting our core outbound mail handling for improved:

  • Logging
  • Error Checking
  • Monitoring
This has yielded the following benefits:
  • Simplifying our architecture
  • Removing potential failure points throughout our systems
  • Increasing capacity
  • Providing better redundancy and recovery of critical systems


We also improved the stability and performance of our other applications. These include Paubox Email Suite Premium and Secure Message Notifications. Overall, our entire outbound system is better than ever at remaining operational when underlying services are thrown curveballs by events like data center outages and occasional surprises from our customers.


The Road(map) Ahead

Product Roadmap for Early 2019 - Paubox

Looking ahead to the next three months in 2019, we're looking forward to achieving:

  • A revamp of our Inbound Security solution, available with Paubox Email Suite Plus
  • Adding more functionality to our Admin Panel
  • Additional Feature Enhancements to our Paubox Email API
  • Acceptance into the MuleSoft Anypoint Exchange


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