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Enjoying a Rippled Latte with Jessica Munoz and Aaron Schnobrich

I went back to Local Joe yesterday for a coffee meeting with Jessica Munoz and Aaron Schnobrich of Hoola Na Pua. I was introduced to them by Kaleo Schneider, who I met in SF last month.

A registered nurse, Jessica is the Founder and President of Hoola Na Pua. Aaron is an entrepreneur, filmmaker, and strategic developer. He's also a co-founder of Hoola Na Pua and has a deep background in technology, feature film, commercial, and documentary creation. Here are some of my takeaways from our coffee at Local Joe:


 Local Joe The Ripple - Paubox The Paubox Ripple at Local Joe


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About Hoola Na Pua

The mission of Hoola Na Pua is the renewal of trafficked girls through health, education, advocacy, and reintegration. Their vision is to provide girls who are rescued or escape from the abuse of sex trafficking with a path to restoration and healing from their trauma, an increased sense of self-worth, and the confidence and ability to successfully reintegrate into their family and the community.


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