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This afternoon I attended the Health 2.0 SF Annual Summer Mixer at the W San Francisco. I got there on time and it didn't take long before a robust crowd gathered. Here are some of the conversations I had at the mixer. I left out those I spoke with that are working on stealth startups.

Shree Pandya: Launchpad IX

I met Shree Pandya shortly after arriving. She is an investor at Launchpad IX and she quickly understood our unique value proposition. Their SF office isn't too far away from us and there's definitely a follow up conversation opportunity.


Noel Jee: Illumina Ventures

Noel Jee and Yan Cao were having a discussion in a relatively quiet section, so I introduced myself and joined them. Being an outsider to healthcare means that when someone tells you, "we're not directly affiliated with Illumina" it doesn't ring an immediate bell. Turns out Illumina has the genomics market absolutely smothered. Noel kindly pointed out their venture arm is free to make investment decisions on their own. It only took a few minutes before I busted out my iPhone and gave a quick demo of our HIPAA compliant email solution to Noel and Yan.


Yan Cao, PhD: UCSF Innovation Ventures

Yan Cao was a good sport when it came to our demo. Sometimes a long email address gets mistyped on an iPhone in a loud, social setting. Thanks Yan!


Ying Chow: Student at Stanford University

I briefly spoke with Ying Chow, an undergrad at Stanford that's doing a summer internship at a healthtech startup. She will only be a sophomore this fall. Very impressive attending networking events as an undergrad.


Santosh Mohan: athenahealth, Inc.

Santosh Mohan from ahtenahealth walked up to me and said hi. He attended our fireside chat last September at 500 Startups and recalled how good the food was. We try our best to deliver a memorable experience :) He also invited me to an exclusive athenahealth event in September, which I will follow up on.


About Health 2.0 SF Annual Summer Mixer

Health 2.0 SF: Annual Summer Mixer at the W San Francisco - Paubox

The Health 2.0 SF Annual Summer Mixer describes itself as the premier networking event for digital health in San Francisco. Their annual mixer brings out the ecosystem of digital health companies, entrepreneurs, hackers, physicians, MBAs, and investors. They partnered with the Entrepreneurship Center at UCSF and Haas Healthcare this year to ensure a healthy turnout.


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