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 Shannon Honda and Cheryl Ng-Honda

Yesterday we attended the HCCNC Business Mixer at Mestiza Taqueria in SF. Our Senior Account Executive Shannon Honda is Vice President of the Chamber, so we try our best to arrive in numbers to show support.

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Traven Watase and Scholar's App move to SF

 Traven Watase, Scholars App - Paubox Traven Watase announcing his arrival to SF

I asked Traven Watase, CEO of Scholar's App and new SF resident, to come along with us. He moved from Hawaii to SF about a week ago. Kudos to Traven for making the leap! At each HCCNC event, time is allotted for the Wiki wiki session, where guests and members can share updates with the audience. By way of raising my hand and pointing at him, I recommended Traven get up there and tell everyone what he does =)


Tech Expats

 Selfie with Jen Lau and Blaine Kahoonei - HCCNC - Paubox Selfie with Jen Lau and Blaine Kahoonei

As soon as I arrived, I caught up with Blaine Kahoonei and got to meet Jen Lau. Blaine is Senior Business Development Manager at Heroku while Jen is Senior Product Manager at StubHub.

 Live music at Mestiza Taqueria - HCCNC - Paubox Live music at Mestiza Taqueria

 Evan Fitzgerald, Daryl Higashi and Mitch Steckbauer - HCCNC - Paubox Evan Fitzgerald, Daryl Higashi and Mitch Steckbauer


About Mestiza Taqueria

 Chill outdoor patio at Mestiza Taqueria in SOMA - HCCNC - Paubox Chill outdoor patio at Mestiza Taqueria in SOMA

Mestiza Taqueria is a cultural mash-up rooted in the casual Mexican tradition of a taqueria, with the flavor profiles of vibrant street-food fare from he Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Mestiza means of mixed culture or heritage in Filipino.



Hawaii Chamber of Commerce of Norcal - Paubox

The Hawaii Chamber of Commerce of Northern California ( HCCNC) was officially organized in 1999 as a California mutual benefit nonprofit corporation. It was formed as a result of discussions and meetings among its three founders. The founders realized that a unique synergy existed among their acquaintances who either were from Hawaii or spent time there. The common bonds were around trust, good humor and a genuine desire to help one another. They concluded these bonds are a business asset that should be leveraged. Thus the motto, "Aloha is our business!"


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