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Our takeaways from the Paubox 2017 Summer Business Mixer

Our takeaways from the Paubox 2017 Summer Business Mixer

Last Thursday, June 8, we hosted our successful 2017 Summer Business Mixer. Special thank you to our attendees who came by, mingled and showed support, and a gracious thank you for 5A5 Steakhouse for serving as our venue for such a classy event. The food was delicious, the music was excellent and the company was great. What more could we ask for?


 Our takeaways from the Paubox 2017 Summer Business Mixer

Evan talks it up with fellow start-up employees

Social mixers are a large part of our company culture here at Paubox. We recognize the importance of networking and love getting people with different occupations together in the same room. After all, it's not about who you know, but who knows you that matters! The goal of our social mixers is to:

  1. Give back to our Paubox community (customers, friends, startups, investors, advisors, prospects, etc.)
  2. Provide a comfortable and enjoyable environment for socializing and networking
  3. Secret bonus: We feel it is not only important work our tails off, but also have fun along the way

As an email encryption company, you can probably guess what our primary mode of communication is. Phone calls. Just kidding – it's email. Naturally, our clients and business partners primarily hear from us via email, but sometimes we mix it up with phone calls too. However, we understand the significance of in-person interactions. After all, it's always great to put a face behind a charming voice or email. Through events like our Summer Business Mixer, we at Paubox get to learn more about our consumers' needs, strengthen relationships, and ultimately create better business for everyone involved. That's why we started Paubox in the first place.

 Our takeaways from the Paubox 2017 Summer Business Mixer FBI Dave (right) enjoys some ginger chicken as the attendees network

During the event, we created a competition to see who could email us first with the answer to what HIPAA stands for. Little known fact: HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. The winners, pictured below, received either a cozy Paubox hoodie or a Paubox coffee mug. All, of course, are collector’s items. Congratulations to the winners! We hope you enjoy them!

 Our takeaways from the Paubox 2017 Summer Business Mixer The winners of our Business Mixer contest holding their prizes

If you couldn't make it to our June mixer, no worries! Our next event is just around the corner.

Join us on Thursday, July 13th at the Hawthorn.


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