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Email your patients to keep them engaged

Email your patients to keep them engaged

It’s no secret that patients are increasingly wanting to use email to communicate with their healthcare providers.

When you utilize email to educate and communicate with your patients, it can be a great way to improve patient outcomes.

This post will cover why emailing your patients is important for your healthcare organization.


Why emailing patients is important

Emailing patients is an important way to offer modern and efficient care. HIPAA compliant email communication benefits both providers and patients by facilitating increased patient engagement and creating better patient outcomes.

With email communication, you can quickly communicate with your patients regarding test results, appointment changes, new treatments, medical advice, and other important medical decisions.

Furthermore, HIPAA compliant emails can improve the healthcare system as a whole. They prevent miscommunication through clear documentation of communications and decrease response time both before and after office visits.

Email communication is essential for any modern healthcare organization and helps providers ensure their patients receive prompt and effective care.

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What type of material should you email patients?

It is important to email materials that are relevant and meaningful to the patient journey. Your patients should receive information they can easily understand, in a voice that is both professional and caring.

This ensures your patients have access to the right amount of information needed to make thoughtful decisions on their healthcare journey. Providing intelligent and accurate care means not only providing relevant resources and advice but also helping patients feel supported along the way.


How often should you send patient emails?

When it comes to easily accessed communication, email is a great option that lets you stay in touch with patients and contacts. However, finding the right cadence that works for your organization can be tricky.

If you send emails too often, people can feel overwhelmed, and they are less likely to stay subscribed. On the other hand, if you wait too long between emails, your patients might forget about you.

Striking the balance between just often enough and not too much can be hard. A useful tip is to determine any relevant information you could share via email every couple of weeks—this way your messages will become easily accessible, and you’ll remain top-of-mind for your patients without becoming repetitive or spammy.

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Tips for designing effective patient emails

No matter what kind of patient journey you are creating, email is a powerful tool for communication and patient engagement. To make sure that your emails are effective, it’s important to use a secure email platform, since patient data must be protected when sharing protected health information (PHI).

Additionally, personalized content can help keep patient communications interesting and engaging over the course of their entire patient journey. With these tips in mind, you can design highly impactful and secure emails for your healthcare communications.

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Successful patient email engagement

Email engagement improves patient outcomes because it creates communication between doctors and patients outside of the traditional in-office setting. It also allows patients to get helpful information on their own time.

Emailing patients is an important part of maintaining communication and providing excellent patient care. By sending timely, relevant, and well-designed emails, you can improve patient engagement and satisfaction while building a stronger relationship with your patients.

Paubox Marketing makes it easy to send personalized, HIPAA compliant email to your patients.

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