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Next on the Paubox Customer Success Road Show saga, we visited Portland, Oregon. The visit was full of great customers and delicious food. While there, we visited Maegan Megginson, psychotherapist and owner of the Center for Couples & Sex Therapy.

Whether you’re a small practice or a hospital, we all want to work with organizations who feel more supportive than just focused on taking your money.

That's why Maegan Megginson, owner and counselor at the Center for Couples & Sex Therapy, chose Paubox over other email encryption solutions.



Watch the full interview and see video timestamps below.

Maegan Megginson: Paubox feels like working with someone who supports my business



Here are video timestamps from the conversation:

0:00 – 0:17 = Intro

0:18 – 0:51 = About Maegan Megginson and The Center for Couples & Sex Therapy

0:52 – 1:05 = How long Maegan’s practice has been in business

1:06 – 1:55 = Maegan’s experience with being on TV

1:56 – 3:32 = Maegan’s TV appearances + corresponding blog posts

3:33 – 4:33 = Why Maegan went into relationship counseling

4:34 – 6:07 = Why couples see 2-3 therapists with no success

6:08 – 6:47 = Therapists sand HIPAA compliance

6:48 – 7:45 = Maegan’s workflows before Paubox

7:46 – 8:48 = Other email encryption solutions Maegan considered

8:49 – 9:37 = Life after Paubox

9:38 – 10:20 = The quality of Paubox’s support

10:21 – 11:39 = Paubox’s new email API

11:40 – 12:44 = The future of Maegan’s industry



About The Center for Couples and Sex Therapy

The Center for Couples and Sex Therapy improves relationships and sexual health through counseling and education. The licensed therapists help individuals and couples that struggle with relationship dissatisfaction, low sexual desire, infidelity, sexual trauma, and more. The Center for Couples and Sex Therapy is based in Portland, Oregon.
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