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Parallel ENT & Allergy

Parallel ENT & Allergy

Parallel ENT & Allergy is a Texas-based practice management services organization that helps partners across the United States with non-care related tasks. 

Parallel ENT & Allergy’s goal is to alleviate the administrative burden that practices face while still ensuring they can grow, be successful, and provide quality care to patients. 

The company currently supports approximately 100 providers and 450 employees. Parallel assists 19 different facilities across five states and is rapidly expanding. 

Parallel offers a broad range of collaborative services, including finance and succession planning, HR and credentialing, IT and electronic medical record support, legal and compliance support, marking, recruiting, growth, reputation management, and revenue cycle management. 

We sat down with Suz Murphy, Vice President of Digital Patient Experience at Parallel ENT & Allergy, to learn how the company utilizes Paubox Marketing in its partnerships.


Company snapshot

  • Founded in 2022
  • Hybrid-remote operations


Healthcare management services

Use case

Securely send HIPAA compliant newsletters and announcements using Paubox Marketing


  • Secure and HIPAA compliant email marketing
  • Easy to build on

Used solution

Favorite features

  • Easy email builder
  • Cost-effective


The Challenge

Murphy explained that many small practices find themselves competing with larger entities, such as hospital systems, for patients. Smaller practices often
offer more personalized local care to patients, but it can be difficult for these practices to reach new clients, grow, and maintain a healthy revenue cycle–especially when their focus is on patient care.

"Providers love being in private practice and having the autonomy to care for their patients and their community. But increasingly they need outside help to keep up with industry changes such as cyber security threats, insurance complexities, digitization of systems, and more,” Murphy said.

Parallel ENT & Allergy aims to help these companies by taking on the administrative burden. 

Murphy focuses on digital and marketing for Parallel’s partner practices. This includes introducing new providers, services, or locations to patients. When practices partner with Parallel, it’s common that they have an Electronic Medical Records System (EMR) but very few in the ENT and allergy space have the digital tools to quickly communicate with patients for mass communication campaigns.

Small practices need help with marketing and connecting with potential patients, and for good reason - it can be challenging to create marketing and informational material while remaining HIPAA compliant.

The world of healthcare is confusing enough for patients, and educational information can quickly improve a patient’s quality of life. Marketing emails aren’t just about getting new patients in the door but helping the community learn about prevention, screening, and what help may be available. One simple example is that patients appreciate a year-end scheduling email that is a reminder that most insurance benefit plans reset at the end of the year. By scheduling early, patients can be seen for care before deductibles reset.

Murphy helps these practices by managing her client’s email lists, announcing new providers and locations, releasing educational content, and more.


The Solution

With so many emails going out, Murphy needed a service that could help her safely send marketing emails to keep patients informed about the practice and offered services.

Murphy also shared that healthcare requires a different marketing strategy. In the industry, success isn’t measured solely on traditional metrics like conversions and click-through rates, although they still matter, “It’s much more for us about patient experience than clicking on an offer.”

What patients want and what practices are used to don’t always align. One example is with phones, the most common way for patients to connect with a provider, but Murphy said that strategy isn’t as popular as it used to be with patients anymore, “Our patients don’t want to call you. They really don’t. Many prefer a digital option so they can
review communications after hours, on weekends, or when it’s most convenient for them,” Murphy shared.

Part of her challenge wasn’t just finding the right solution but getting the practice on board and open to a new marketing strategy. 

Murphy also knew that the email system had to be healthcare-specific; many newsletter or email marketing organizations don’t guarantee HIPAA compliance, which requires all messages to be encrypted if they contain any personal information.

Murphy had considered other companies, like LuxSci, but ultimately found that the design tools of Paubox were stronger and the service was more intuitive, “I need everybody to be comfortable with this tool,” she explained. 
Now that Parallel has started using Paubox Marketing, they can regularly keep patients informed and provide educational material. 


The Results

The results themselves have been astounding. With Paubox, Murphy shared that her emails routinely get a 30-40% open rate. Click-through rates are high, too, ranging from 2% to 4.5%. 

Murphy also uses Paubox for an employee newsletter that goes to every practice. She says it gets a 55-75% open rate across 500 employees. 

On top of this, the ease of use creates a high return on investment. “I can create an email in a half hour,” Murphy said. 

One of Murphy’s main goals is to help new practitioners begin filling their books. It can be challenging, especially in less densely populated areas, but Murphy has been happy with the results. Through email marketing, physicians have seen typical and often better growth. 

The educational content has also been helpful, with many of Murphy’s emails focused on helping patients learn what they might need. As a result, many potential patients will ask their specialist follow-up questions regarding ENT and Allergy services. 

Having used Paubox for just under a year, Murphy is confident she’ll keep seeing growth with her practices. Soon, Parallel plans to implement the Marketing API.

Learn more about Paubox Marketing today.  

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