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Dr. David T. Ho, DDS of Van Ness Dental Care

I learned quite a bit about excellent patient experience when I went to my dentist today. I initially found Dr. David T. Ho, DDS via his stellar Yelp reviews and by googling dental care near me. As we've previously covered, creating a great patient experience is a proven metric to retaining patients and creating growth through word of mouth. Now that I've had two appointments, I can appreciate their winning approach to a stellar patient experience.

This post is about some of the smart patient experience techniques I've seen at Dr. David T. Ho's office.


Text Message Reminders

Before I step into the their office, I've already received two automated, friendly text message reminders. I appreciate this approach because it's often hard for me to take calls during the day. I also like how they don't include any protected health information (PHI) in the text message.


Massage Chairs in the Waiting Room

TLC Strategies for Dentists to Improve Patient Experience - Paubox Upon walking in, there are several massage chairs in the waiting room. I think I'll hop on one on my next visit. I think it's a smart method to get people relaxed, especially for those who've had bad experiences in the past with other dentists.


Netflix for the Win

 TLC Strategies for Dentists to Improve Patient Experience - Paubox Watching Netflix makes the time fly by

My favorite patient experience strategy by far is a simple one: Netflix in every chair. What a clever way to pass the time in a dental chair. Surprisingly, I hear not many dentists do this.


Pleasant Demeanor

 TLC Strategies for Dentists to Improve Patient Experience - Paubox ACT is the mouthwash to get

It goes without saying great dentists need to be skilled at what they do. Not only does Dr. Ho excel at this, but he and his entire staff are pleasant people. They go out of their way to make me feel comfortable each time I visit. Much appreciated!

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