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Top 5 telehealth software services

Top 5 telehealth software services

The world is facing a peculiar time as more and more people’s lives are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. To accommodate the new lifestyle and help enforce social distancing , healthcare providers across the country are starting to offer telehealth - many for the first time. 


What is telehealth?

Telehealth, simply put, is the use of electronic technology and telecommunications to support and offer long-distance patient care. Telehealth opens the doors for medical professionals to offer remote care and reach more patients through modern software.

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With a proper telehealth software suite, a healthcare provider can provide quality care to patients virtually and from the safety of their homes.  In an industry worth more than $32 billion , telemedicine is an exciting and promising option for many healthcare practitioners now and in the future.


Top five telehealth software solutions

Although there are countless providers in the telehealth market, healthcare companies must only engage with HIPAA compliant solutions. The companies listed below ensure this compliance, and they offer many other useful benefits.


1: Doxy

Recommended by many of our customers, Doxy is a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine system. With 205 positive reviews on Capterra , Doxy is simple, secure, and even has a free plan for individual physicians. It offers basic features like secure video conferencing, private messaging, and extensive training so you’ll be sure to operate with success.


2: SimplePractice

SimplePractice is another leader in the telehealth space. This top-reviewed platform was designed with small business owners in mind so it's ideal for a small office or team. The solution is popular for its beautiful client portal but is reputable for its extensive feature list, offering things like HIPAA-compliant video conferencing, automated billing, and appointment reminders.


3: Mend

Described as “one complete unified front-end solution,” Mend offers integrated tools designed to improve how healthcare professionals and patients communicate. Using this HIPAA-compliant telehealth software results in fewer no-shows and a higher patient engagement. It’s the industry leader with a 99.85% successful connection rate.


4: eVisit

The popular choice eVisit is another notable solution for all your healthcare IT needs. It offers many of the same features as other providers like online scheduling, patient engagement, and HIPAA-compliance, but it has one new feature: VirtualED™, a COVID-19 specific workflow.


5: Paubox Marketing

Client communication is crucial, especially now with the growing concerns about COVID-19. As conversations are migrating online, using HIPAA compliant email  is key.

SEE ALSO: Growth of Coronavirus Themed Cyberattacks Paubox Marketing allows you to segment and send secure marketing emails including PHI to increase engagement and build your business while remaining HIPAA compliant. Recipients view marketing emails like regular emails without relying on out-dated portal notifications.

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For example, you can use Paubox Marketing to announce to current patients any changes at your practice or that you’re now offering telemedicine. The tool also increases your chances of attracting new clients. You can reach out to former patients to reengage, or let people know about new online webinars or support groups you are hosting, for example. Personalized email marketing offers a lot more bang for your buck, and with Paubox Marketing, healthcare providers can finally take advantage of it by following a few simple guidelines.


Making the telehealth transition

Switching to telehealth is one of the main ways that healthcare providers are reacting to coronavirus to protect their patients from COVID-19 . While telemedicine may be new to some, many successful medical providers have been offering it for a while. A recent Paubox Podcast episode explains how telehealth can work for your business. Read or watch the full interview with YoDerm’s founder, Ben Holber to learn more. The top five telehealth software solutions we have described here will enable you to see more patients, deliver quality medical care, and most importantly: help those who need it, now.


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