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Phishing has always been a problem for not only healthcare, but all businesses in general. But five separate healthcare providers have reported potential data breaches due to phishing attacks in just the span of a week, heightening the importance of having an email security strategy.

The providers reporting the potential breaches include:

  • University of Cincinnati Health
  • East Central Indiana School Trust
  • Artesia General Hospital in New Mexico
  • Conway Regional Medical Center in Arkansas
  • Care Foundation Hospital in Illinois


In each case, hackers were able to access employees email accounts through a phishing email. Phishing emails are effective and consistently used because they are often targeted and prey upon human errors. Disguised as legitimate messages from reputable entities such as financial institutions, government agencies, or major retailers, phishing emails ask recipients to send confidential information or open an attachment containing malware. The recipients, not realizing they are being duped, do what is requested without second thought.


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