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Paubox Marketing enables healthcare marketers to create personalized HIPAA compliant email campaigns

Paubox Marketing enables healthcare marketers to create personalized HIPAA compliant email campaigns

San Francisco, Oct. 20, 2022  Paubox today launched new intelligent drip campaign functionality for Paubox Marketing, a marketing automation solution designed exclusively for healthcare, enabling healthcare providers and marketers to easily send automated and personalized marketing emails that are HIPAA compliant. In addition, Paubox Marketing has a new drag-and-drop email design builder so users can quickly create great-looking email campaigns. These new Paubox Marketing features are designed to empower healthcare marketers to easily create engaging campaigns that deliver a strong return on investment (ROI).


Paubox adds intelligent drip campaign functionality and email design builder to its healthcare marketing automation solution

With Paubox Marketing’s visual drip campaign builder, users can create automated email workflows to nurture recipients with relevant messaging. It allows users to set triggers to enroll a contact in a workflow and build conditional branches based on contact actions (for example, email opens or link clicks). These emails can be personalized with data like the patient’s name and other contact information, even PHI (protected health information). For example, an email drip campaign could be created for patients who are diabetics, with information about healthy eating and habits. 


The Paubox Marketing drip campaign capabilities include:

  • A visual builder: Easily drag and drop new actions to build an email drip campaign workflow.
  • Enrollment triggers: Choose between the option to email existing members of a list or newly enrolled members on a drip campaign.
  • Time delays: Set time delays between emails and actions for a set number of hours, days or weeks.
  • Conditional branches: Send contacts in a drip campaign on different nurture paths based on their actions, including whether they opened a previous email or clicked a link in an earlier email.


The new design builder allows users to quickly and easily create engaging email designs with an intuitive WYSIWYG interface. The builder includes:

  • Drag-and-drop content: Quickly create and edit your email design by choosing from a variety of content blocks, such as images, text, lists, buttons, dividers, menus, icons and more.
  • Flexible customization: Access endless customization options to adjust size, padding, font, colors, etc.
  • An image library: Upload and organize images in the new image file manager, which supports jpeg, png, gif and other formats.
  • Preview options: Easily switch between mobile and desktop previews of your emails.


Up until now, healthcare companies could only send generic email marketing messages that were not targeted to the recipient, because it was not possible to easily personalize emails with patient information without violating HIPAA regulations. With Paubox Marketing and its new drip campaign functionality, healthcare marketers are able to send targeted emails that are personalized to the patient. Additionally, with the new design builder functionality that will be available later this month, Paubox Marketing users have the flexibility to create outstanding email designs that will further engage patients and contacts.

“Unlike other industries, where personalized email marketing has long been a staple of marketing campaigns, healthcare has been slow to adopt this powerful tool because of privacy concerns,” said Hoala Greevy, founder and CEO of Paubox. “But Paubox Marketing is different, because it was designed exclusively for healthcare.”

He added, “With Paubox Marketing, we apply the same email encryption used by more than 4,000 Paubox Email Suite customers to marketing campaigns, which makes sending HIPAA compliant email with personalized information incredibly simple for healthcare providers. Add to that the new drip campaign and design editor features, and Paubox Marketing is an ideal solution for helping providers improve communications with their patients, clinicians, donors and others.”


About Paubox

Paubox, based in San Francisco, is a leader in HIPAA compliant communication solutions for healthcare organizations. Launched in 2015, Paubox is on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing privately owned companies. According to G2 rankings, Paubox leads the industry for Best Secure Email Gateway, Email Security, HIPAA Compliant Messaging Software and Email Encryption solutions. Paubox customers include AdaptHealth, Curative, Summit Health and The Queen’s Health Systems. For more information, contact us at Paubox or call (415)-795-7396.

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