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Paubox Community Service: Street Cleanup Around Our New Office

In the fourth quarter of 2019, Paubox reached 106% growth over Q4 2018, increasing customer accounts to well over 2,000. Aloha! In addition to a strong Q4, we ended 2019 with a bang by setting a company record for new bookings in a month (December).

We also finished out the year with best-in-class SaaS metrics:


The success we’ve seen thus far validates:
  • Strong product-market fit. High NPS + low logo churn are tell-tale indicators.
  • Behemoth Total Addressable Market (TAM). With 10,000 Americans retiring everyday, the HIPAA industry will continue its exponential expansion.
  • SaaS is here to stay. Corporate America is allocating increasing amounts of budget to cloud vendors.


Steve Griffin, Wesley Cornelison, Hoala Greevy: Our New Utah Office


Other notable Q4 achievements include:


Mahalo for your support!
Hoala Greevy Founder CEO Paubox, Inc.


Paubox posts a strong 2019 Fourth Quarter  


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