by Hoala Greevy Founder CEO of Paubox
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Life Before Paubox: It was So Bad I Didn’t Even Know It [VIDEO]

by Hoala Greevy Founder CEO of Paubox

Life Before Paubox: It was So Bad I Didn't Even Know It - Leolinda Parlin, Paubox

Leolinda Parlin describes life before Paubox.

  • Their previous encrypted email vendor was incredibly cumbersome to use.
  • Leolinda’s entire staff emailed her, thanking her for making the switch to Paubox.
  • “With Paubox, it’s absolutely seamless.”

During a recent HIPAA Center filming with Leolinda Parlin, I discovered what life was like for her company before Paubox and our HIPAA compliant email solution.

Leolinda is CEO of Hilopaa Family 2 Family. They provide a voice in healthcare to those with special needs.

Below is an excerpt from our chat.

Life Before Paubox

Hoala Greevy: So Leo, what was life like before Paubox?

Leolinda Parlin: Oh my goodness. You know, it was so bad I didn’t even know it. We had another, he who shall remain nameless, vendor for encrypted email. But it required us to make a decision for each email- how we were gonna send it, hit another button, it would go out, it wouldn’t even store the email in our outbox. So we had to go to the web if we wanted to retrieve a message to kinda watch the thread.

You know, we just assumed that was the industry standard and it was what was, so we put up with the frustration. Unfortunately, because you had to go through all this decision making, there were times that email left our office that hadn’t been encrypted. It went as registered, because they were multi-function, what you could’ve done with the email. So probably not the best thing to have but at the time, it was all we could have our hands on.

When we switched over to Paubox, it just made so much more sense. I felt wonderfully excited about using the technology but I also felt terribly sad at the same time. Because all the staff had emailed me, “Thank you so much!” They were so relieved we had made the transition.

I had no idea at all how cumbersome the multi-step process of the old platform was, let alone the anxiety of always worrying about whether or not you hit the right button to make sure it was encrypted. Or even the amount of labor that was required to retrieve the message to watch the thread to go through.

With Paubox, it’s absolutely seamless. Life is good, staff is happy. Happy staff, happy life. You know so, very pleased with Paubox.

About Hilopaa Family 2 Family

Hilopaa Family 2 Family is a one-stop for information and referral, technical assistance and training. The Center is staffed by parents and friends of children with special health care needs. They provide free, confidential assistance to families and self advocates and the professionals who serve them.