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After my Wednesday lunch at the Pacific Club, I walked over to the ThinkTech Hawaii studios with Gordo and Rix Mauer. I was asked to join them for an episode of Hibachi Talk. I was a guest on their show a couple years ago, so it was nice to make another appearance.

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We talked about the latest with Paubox, including our Paubox Suite Premium. Angus MacTech also made a cameo appearance, which left me speechless. =)



About Think Tech Hawaii

 The indefatigable Jay Fidell of Think Tech Hawaii - Paubox The indefatigable Jay Fidell

ThinkTech Hawaii has a vast library of content. Their mission is to raise public awareness for a better Hawaii and to be the leading digital media platform promoting civic engagement in Hawaii. They aim to host thoughtful, rational, open-minded dialog that envisions best prospects for the future with due respect for the lessons of the past. ThinkTech Hawaii is a Hawaii 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation founded in 2000. It provides a platform for civic engagement and raises public awareness about the importance of tech, energy, diversification and globalism to the future of Hawaii.


About Hibachi Talk

Hibachi Talk studio - Paubox

Hibachi talk is a fun look at business, government, technology, general goings on in tech in Hawaii and around the globe. They feature segments such as “You No Got One Tech Job,” “The Security Minute,” “Angus the Gadget Guy” and more.

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