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The 36th Annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference went down this week in our backyard of San Francisco. Otherwise known as JPM Week, it's an opportune time to get out and network amongst our peers in the Health Care industry.

  • 10,000 attendees and over 450 private & public companies attend JPM week.
  • Digital health startups Redox and Rx.Health threw a packed social mixer in SoMa on Tuesday.
  • Rx.Health CEO Ed Berde is excited for the next few years in digital health.


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On Tuesday we attended the Redox and Rx.Health social mixer at Uno Dos Tacos in the SoMa district. While there, I got a chance to catchup with Rx.Health CEO Ed Berde.



Here's the transcript from our conversation:

Ed Berde: You know as we look at digital health and where it's going, we like to to actually use the term digital medicine. So there's there's digital health, which is the 300,000 health, wellness and fitness apps that you see in the App store. Many of those are unproven: They haven't been through clinical trials, they haven't shown efficacy. I think that what's now happening, what you're seeing is that health systems are understanding that they can't just bring in solutions that haven't gone through clinical trials, and prove that they either improve patient outcomes or reduce the cost for health systems. We're seeing a definite change. When you talk about digital in health systems, so at JPM here last year and even the years before that, when you saw people presenting about digital, it was about what was going on inside of the health system. What were the changes around surgery and what were the changes around the EMR, what were the changes throughout some of the solutions doctors could use. Now you're seeing a shift where people are starting to understand and the presentations are about digital medicine outside of the health system. What are the apps that we can use to treat patients, how can we engage with the patient either through telemedicine or other solutions to really bring that together into comprehensive care for the patient.

Hoala Greevy: That's great! Thank you. Ed Berde: It's an exciting time and I think that it's gonna stay exciting for the next few years as we continue to bring those solutions together.


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