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Noah Lewis of GE Ventures shared his expertise during a recent fireside chat on digital health under a Trump presidency. The fireside chat gathered some of the best in healthcare tech thought leadership, including:
  • Geoffrey Clapp, health technology entrepreneur and Paubox adviser
  • Rebecca Woodcock, Entrepreneur in Residence, 500 Startups and head of digital health track
  • Noah Lewis, Managing Director, GE Ventures
  • Lan Anh Nguyen, CEO, ManageUP PRM


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"The US Healthcare system is three trillion dollars. It's hugely inefficient, it's manual, it's slow, it's not intelligent. It treats 10% of the people when they should be proactively treating 80%. Hi my name is I'm Noah Lewis, I'm a Managing Director with GE Ventures. I'm a mentor with 500 Startups and so I spend a lot of time helping the healthcare and digital health startups that are part of their classes here. And key for that is really how do you help a founder grow a company? So what is digital health? It's about automation, it's about intelligence, it's about being pro-active. And so the ACA, if you remove the moral debate, was more so about deciding who should have health insurance paid for for them. As a healthcare venture capitalist, we're huge proponents of finding wonderful founders with big ideas that are going to fundamentally change and improve the healthcare industry. And so our goal is always to try and shine some light on how the healthcare industry really works. A lot of founders came up afterwards and were tweaking their business models. We challenged some thinking. There's some skeptics always, but I like to think that we provoked some good thinking."


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