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I did pau hana with my good friend Davy last week at the Southside Spirit House in SOMA. As we caught up, he suggested I shed more light on the startup journey we're on here in San Francisco. He gave the success of HBO's Silicon Valley as an easy example: People are fascinated with startups in Silicon Valley. As an experiment, here's the month of July in review as it happened at Paubox.

Paubox Hoodie hits the road

Chasing Chrome: The Month in Review (July) - Paubox Dan Dorszynski sporting the Paubox hoodie at Wimbledon 

Last month our friend Dan Dorszynski sported his Paubox hoodie to Wimbledon. Pretty cool stuff.

Paubox hoodie in Iceland - Andrew Lanning

Andrew Lanning, co-founder of Integrated Security Technologies, recently wore his Paubox hoodie while in Iceland with his wife Christine. Mahalo Drew and Christine!

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Kayak Fishing trip

Montaña de Oro Kayak Fishing trip - Paubox

For my birthday in early July, Jen and I drove south to Montana De Oro for a kayak fishing trip. We met up with Adam "Trout" Traubman and his daughter Natalie aka "Raptor" at a campsite nearby. We also met up with Tane Martin and took him kayak fishing for the first time. He caught a sizable cabezon on his maiden launch. Good stuff. I fished my brains out for four days. Lots of fun and a required break from the business.

 Kayak Fishing with Tane Martin - Paubox Getting Tane Martin hooked on the sport


Social Mixer at Hawthorne in San Francisco

July Social Mixer at Hawthorne in San Francisco - Paubox On the 13th, we held our July Social Mixer at Hawthorne in downtown San Francisco. We had a robust turnout that included customers, prospects, friends, advocates, staff and new friends. Head of Sales Greg Hoffman and Senior Account Executive Shannon Honda did a great job organizing and promoting the event. After a long day at the office, it was stellar team building amongst our staff.


Giants game

Yuka Nagashima - SF Giants game

Bill Growney from Goodwin Procter invited us to their corporate box suite for a Monday Giants game versus the Pirates. Our head of sales, Greg Hoffman, and adviser Yuka Nagashima also attended. It was Yuka's first American baseball game. The Giants didn't play well and got routed by the Pirates, 10-3. The networking in the suite was superb however. I got to meet Emily Zia, an Associate at Goodwin. Turns out I know her parents back in Hawaii. Such a Hawaii thing. We also saw our homies Zach Gobst and Tyler "Commish" Dornenburg from Leapcure. They introduced us to Bill at Goodwin. Thanks Bill for the tickets!

Emily Zia - Paubox


Niko Skievaski interview: HIPAA Center

Niko Skievaski: An Exclusive Interview with Redox Co-Founder - Paubox

Chillaxin with Niko and a plate of Saba sashimi

On July 18th, Niko Skievaski visited our office to record an exclusive interview for HIPAA Center. Niko is co-founder of Redox, one of the hottest digital health startups in the US. Here are my takeaways from our July HIPAA Center interview:

  • Legacy medical records are the source of truth in healthcare.
  • The Redoxathon is an example of their leadership role.
  • "The concept of a healthcare developer doesn't really exist."
  • "If you're a healthcare developer, come hang out with us. We'll give you beer and tacos." (love that)
  • Madison, WI is a gem in the middle of cow pastures.
  • 100state is now the largest co-working space in Wisconsin.
  • We both love Saba sashimi. Especially when it's caught off a kayak.



Niko Skievaski: Lightning Round

The Great Question at Paubox is whether you are Team Polar Bear or Team Silverback. See Niko's reply below:

It was a pleasure to have Niko as our guest at Paubox. We are both looking forward to the future!


Blue Startups Demo Day in SF

Blue Startups Demo Day in SF - Paubox

On July 19th I went to 500 Startups to catch the SF Demo Day from Cohort 9 from Blue Startups. It was good to catch up with Chenoa Farnsworth, Donavan Kealoha, Chuck Liddell (not a typo), Brianna Mahoney, Jared Kushi, and the rest of Cohort 9.


TiE Silicon Valley panel on Cloud Security

Speaking on Seamless Encryption and The Future of Cloud Security at TiE Silicon Valley - Paubox photo credit: TiE Silicon Valley

I spoke on a panel about the future of Cloud Security at the TiE Silicon Valley forum, “Stay Ahead of the Curve: The Future of Cloud Security" in mid July. The event was held in Santa Clara and I was joined on the panel by:

  • Michael Burshteyn, CEO & Founder, CryptoMove
  • Zohar Alon, CEO & Co-Founder, Dome9 Security
  • Jack Kudale, CEO, Lacework
  • Srini Gurrapu, Vice President, Skyhigh Networks
  • Manuel Nedbal, CTO and Co-Founder, ShieldX Networks

Gaurav Banga, Founder and CEO of Balbix, moderated our panel. It was a privilege to be on a panel with these pioneers in cloud security.


Phuong's birthday

Phuong Tran birthday at Paubox

Phuong's birthday this year fell on a Thursday, so we got him a bunch of donuts from Frena Bakery, a Kosher spot a block away. He was stoked. That bakery is legit! Phuong is our first employee in San Francisco. We met at a networking event at Plug and Play shortly after I first moved here.


NASA Cyber Security Webinar

NASA Cyber Security Webinar: Phishing Detection Strategies - Paubox

On July 27th I presented a webinar to NASA on Phishing Detection Strategies. As part of part of their ongoing NASA Cyber Security Webinar series, I had the opportunity to present to them on phishing trends, the threat landscape, best practices, and the road ahead. It was a privilege to present to their prestigious organization.


Rick Kuwahara in town

Rick Kuwahara in town - Paubox

Rick Kuwahara, our CMO, flew into SFO to visit the office. He's based in Mililani back home on Oahu. Rick arrived with guns blazing. During his week in the office we:


Paubox Stock Photos

Paubox - Stock photo On his last day in SF, Rick organized a stock photo session using our staff as the talent. The results were brilliant. Look for them in our future content!


Call with Max Altman

Max Altman - Paubox

I had a call with Max Altman towards the end of the month. I've learned it's good technique to keep both current and prospective investors up to date on your progress. I like Max and his family and we're looking forward to seeing where things go.


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Chasing Chrome

King Salmon - Paubox

When I first moved up to the Bay Area, my kayak fishing goals were to catch my first halibut, white sea bass and salmon. After two years of trying, I completed the trifecta and landed my first King Salmon from the kayak in early July. I paddled out at first light at Half Moon Bay on a Saturday. I caught some anchovies in the harbor and trolled them around as fresh dead bait. By 9am I had reached my limit (2) for the day. That folks, is what's called Chasing Chrome. =) Later in the month, I also got lucky with lingcod, rockfish, striped bass, and saba. July is usually a great month for kayak fishing.

Kayak Fishing in Monterey Bay - Paubox

Kayak Fishing Striped Bass Oyster Point - Paubox


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