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We recently got an email inquiry from an Orthopedic MRI practice in Virginia. One of their questions was:
Pls confirm that my email address will not change. I will be using ****vid@ortho*******.com as my email address
We get variations of this question fairly often, so we've created this blog post around it.


The quick answer is...


Yes. When a customer uses Paubox, they do NOT have to change their business email address.


The long(er) answer


The key to the answer is customers must have a business email address. Some small businesses, like a solo practitioner, often do not have a business email address and use a consumer email platform. The difference is in the domain name.


  • Consumer email addresses are those that end in,,, etc.
  • A business email address will often match up with the website URL. For example, our email addresses at Paubox end in


An even bigger difference is there is no Business Associate Agreement given with a consumer email address, which is critical for HIPAA compliance.




Paubox will seamlessly integrate with your business email platform, like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, allowing you to keep your business email address the same!


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