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2FA now required by default for secure notifications

2FA now required by default for secure notifications
The Paubox team has been hard at work this year, leveling up our security posture across the board in a number of ways.


Only the most secure versions of TLS encryption are now used

In advance of new NSA guidance which recommends discontinuing support for obsolete security protocols, we have upgraded our platform to only use Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption 1.2 or higher for both inbound and outbound emails.


Two-factor authentication required to open Secure Notification emails

Email recipients who do not support our standard of encryption receive a Secure Notification email telling them to click on a link to view your message on our secure web app.  Paubox now requires two-factor authentication (2FA) by default for people who receive a Secure Notification email to view or respond to the message.


Other authentication options and how to change them

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recognizes 2FA as a best practice . However, if you prefer for your unencrypted email recipients to read their messages from our secure weblink without requiring 2FA, you can change your settings by following these steps:


  • Log in to Paubox and click "Overview" on the left-hand panel
  • Under “Message Authentication,” select “Secure Link” from the dropdown to the right


If you choose this option, the message is still hosted on our secure web app, but the recipient will not be required to verify their identity before opening it. We also have the option for customers to require people to input a username and password in order to read a secure message.  2FA is not required if you select this option.


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