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Paubox Weekly: Tampa General Hospital reports data breach affecting 1.2 million

Paubox Weekly: Tampa General Hospital reports data breach affecting 1.2 million

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1. Tampa General Hospital reports data breach affecting 1.2 million

Tampa General Hospital reports large data breach-1

The attackers intended to encrypt the data, a tactic used to force organizations to pay a ransom to retrieve their data. The security systems utilized by TGH thwarted the would-be ransomware attack.

Why it matters: Ransomware attacks are becoming increasingly prevalent and expensive for hospitals to recover from. TGH successfully hardened its security systems and prevented an attack from potentially escalating.

Their security system prevented escalation




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2. Shedding light on healthcare trends with one-question surveys

1 question surveys

At Paubox, we believe in the collective intelligence of our community. That's why we launched our new initiative of one-question surveys to foster knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Why it matters: By sharing your viewpoints through these surveys, you help illuminate patterns, identify industry needs, and spotlight evolving trends.

See the active surveys



3. Customer feedback from Ryan Winchester - Heritage Management Services


Hoala Greevy hung out with Ryan Winchester of Heritage Management Services in downtown Albuquerque.

The bottom line: Visiting customers and sharing the Paubox roadmap is a fantastic way to gather feedback.

Ryan's feedback includes tagging incoming emails



4. Visiting Fort Defiance Indian Hospital Board: The Paubox roadmap


Paubox CEO, Hoala Greevy visited the IT staff at Fort Defiance Indian Hospital Board in Arizona.

Why it matters: Customer feedback is a core tenet of the Paubox Foundations, which are principles and values we care intensely about.

Their feedback and feature requests



5. China-based hacking incident reaches beyond Microsoft emails, CISA reveals

China-based hacking incident reaches beyond Microsoft emails, CISA reveals

In June, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) discovered a China-based hacking incident had occurred. Now, we're learning that more than just emails may have been breached.

What's new: Initially, it was believed only email accounts were accessed. According to the Washington Post, the same technique could have extended to other parts of the Microsoft cloud, including SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive.

Did the attackers create backdoor entries? Maybe.



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