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Paubox Weekly: Report reveals ransomware attacks reached record high in July

Paubox Weekly: Report reveals ransomware attacks reached record high in July

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1. Report reveals ransomware attacks reached record high in July

Report reveals ransomware attacks reached record highs in July

The Record’s ransomware tracker has released data on July attacks, showing a new high in ransom-based extortion.

What's happening: There were 484 attacks in July, while only 408 in June. The uptick was partially due to the MOVEit attack from Russia-based ransomware group Clop.

The big picture: The report found 36 healthcare organizations were victimized by nefarious groups in both June and July.

Ransomware attacks in healthcare remain high



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2. Goal achieved: Paubox matching donation program for Maui wildfires

Paubox supports the upcoming wave of psychological aid on Maui

I'm pleased to announce we've achieved our goal of matching $5,000 of donations made to the Maui Strong Fund, from both our staff and customers.

By the numbers:

  • We announced we'd match up to $5,000 of donations made to the Maui Strong Fund, either via our customers or staff.
  • We crossed the $5,000 threshold (and then some).
  • Mahalo to our staff for donating, as well as our customers HPG Resources and Malama Ola Health Services.




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3. The Joint Commission releases guidance on cyberattack response

The Joint Commission releases guidance on cyberattack response

In the Joint Commission's Sentinel Event Alert, the organization provides guidance on preserving patient safety following a cyber attack. 

Why it matters: The guidance was issued in response to rapidly increasing cyberattacks. The report includes suggestions to prevent and respond to cyberattacks.

Attacks are no longer an "if" but a "when"



4. International takedown disrupts Qakbot malware

International takedown disrupts Qakbot malware

The Justice Department spearheaded a multinational operation to dismantle the notorious Qakbot botnet and malware.

What they're saying: Attorney General Merrick Garland said, "Together with our international partners, the Justice Department has hacked Qakbot's infrastructure, launched an aggressive campaign to uninstall the malware from victim computers in the United States and around the world, and seized $8.6 million in extorted funds."

Over 700,000 computers were infected



5. Limited waiver of HIPAA sanctions in Florida: What you need to know

Limited waiver of HIPAA sanctions in Florida What you need to know

In the wake of Hurricane Idalia, President Biden and HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra have declared a state of emergency and a public health emergency in Florida.

Why it matters: The declarations come at a critical time when Florida is grappling with the aftermath of Hurricane Idalia. The public health emergency and HIPAA waivers aim to facilitate a more effective response to the crisis.

Several necessary actions have been taken



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August HIPAA breach report

  • Other breaches affected the most people in July 2023. 4,935,147 individuals had their data breached.
  • Network server breaches were the second most common breach, with 9,910,400 people affected.
  • Email breaches affected 16,788 people, the third most common breach type.

Read the full Breach report


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