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2023 at a glance: Paubox Kahikina Scholarship

2023 at a glance: Paubox Kahikina Scholarship

As the Paubox Kahikina Scholarship enters its fifth year, it's an opportune moment to delve into the demographics of our scholarship recipients. 

Established with the mission to encourage Native Hawaiians to pursue careers in STEM fields—Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math—the scholarship has seen consistent growth in both applicants and awardees.

With a recurring financial aid of $1,000 per year until graduation, the scholarship has become a cornerstone for many aspiring STEM professionals. 

This article aims to provide a comprehensive look at the basic demographics of our recipients, offering insights into their gender, place of residence, educational background, and chosen colleges.

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Paubox Kahikina Scholarship: By Gender



Among our 32 scholarship recipients, 17 are wahine (female), while 15 are kane (male). This equitable gender distribution underscores the scholarship's dedication to empowering all individuals in pursuing STEM education and careers.


Paubox Kahikina Scholarship: By Residence



When it comes to the geographical distribution of our scholarship recipients, the numbers offer a clear picture of the scholarship's reach across the Hawaiian Islands:

  • Oahu: 24 recipients
  • Maui: 4 recipients
  • Hawaii Island: 4 recipients
  • Kauai: 1 recipient


With Oahu leading with 24 out of 32 recipients, followed by Maui and Hawaii Island with 4 each, and Kauai represented by a single awardee, the scholarship continues to attract a diverse pool of talent from across the islands.


Paubox Kahikina Scholarship: By High School

When it comes to the educational background of our scholarship recipients, there's a notable trend:

  • Private High Schools: 27 recipients (84.4% of total recipients)
  • Public High Schools: 5 recipients (15.6% of total recipients)


This data indicates that most of our recipients come from private high schools. While this could be reflective of various factors, such as the availability of resources or educational opportunities, it's an important aspect to consider for the future direction of the scholarship program.

High School

For those interested in the specific high schools our recipients hail from, here's a breakdown:

  • Kamehameha Schools Kapalama: 16 recipients
  • Punahou School: 3 recipients
  • Kamehameha Schools Maui: 1 recipient
  • Kamehameha Schools Hawaii: 2 recipients
  • Iolani School: 2 recipients
  • Seabury Hall: 1 recipient
  • Hawaii Preparatory Academy: 1 recipient
  • Hana High & Elementary School: 1 recipient
  • Mililani High School: 1 recipient
  • Waimea High School: 1 recipient
  • Maui High School: 1 recipient
  • Kapolei High School: 1 recipient
  • Farrington High School: 1 recipient


Paubox Kahikina Scholarship: By College

CollegeWhen it comes to the colleges and universities our recipients attend, the data shows a diverse range of institutions:

  • Stanford University: 4 recipients (12.5% of total recipients)
  • UC Berkeley: 3 recipients (9.4% of total recipients)
  • Harvard University: 2 recipients (6.3% of total recipients)
  • University of Southern California: 2 recipients (6.3% of total recipients)
  • Various Other Colleges: 21 recipients (each with one recipient, making up 65.6% of total recipients)


Stanford University and UC Berkeley stand out as the most represented institutions among our recipients. However, it's worth noting that our scholarship recipients are spread across a variety of other prestigious colleges and universities, highlighting the diverse academic paths they are pursuing.


Final thoughts 

The Paubox Kahikina Scholarship continues to significantly impact the lives of Native Hawaiian students pursuing STEM careers. From gender and geographical distribution to educational background and college choices, this year's recipient demographics offer valuable insights into the community we serve.

As we look forward to another year of empowering Native Hawaiian students, these data points will guide us in refining and expanding our scholarship program.

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