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Paubox Weekly: Blackcat ransomware turns off servers following claims of $22M ransom

Paubox Weekly: Blackcat ransomware turns off servers following claims of $22M ransom

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1. Blackcat ransomware turns off servers following claims of $22M ransom

Blackcat ransomware turns off servers following claims of $22M ransom

A Blackcat affiliate claiming responsibility for the Optum attack alleged that after Optum paid the ransom, BlackCat confiscated the funds and suspended their account.

The backstory: On February 21st, a cyberattack on Change Healthcare severely disrupted operations. The “notorious” ransomware group BlackCat was alleged to be behind the attack.

4TB of Optum data is still in the hands of cybercriminals



2. Coffee with Winston Berger (A Better Way) in Berkeley


Paubox CEO Hoala Greevy caught up with Winston Berger of A Better Way over coffee last month in Berkeley.

The big picture: A Better Way empowers children and families to develop life skills and relationships that promote their emotional, educational, and economic well-being.

What we learned: Winston likes the "always on encryption feature" of Paubox.

Visiting customers is one of the best parts of the job



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3. HHS delivers annual report on HIPAA compliance and breaches

HHS delivers annual report on HIPAA compliance and breaches

On February 14th, the HHS OCR issued two reports to Congress regarding HIPAA compliance and enforcement.

By the numbers:

  • The OCR received 626 notifications of breaches impacting 500 or more individuals.
  • 63,966 breaches impacting fewer than 500 individuals were reported.
  • 41,747,613 individuals were impacted by large breaches.

" systems should take note of these trends"



Paubox Forms CTA



4. "Everything is running seamlessly" Dr. David T. Ho, DDS

David T. Ho, DDS

Hoala had an appointment today with his dentist and Paubox customer, Dr. David T. Ho, DDS.

What was said: “Everything is running seamlessly. We’re very happy. Beyond happy. ”

"Even when it's a visit to the dentist, I always learn something new"



5. Healthcare under attack: The rise of cyber counteroffensive

Healthcare under attack The rise of cyber counteroffensive

Federal agencies have confirmed that healthcare organizations have been extensively targeted since the DOJ's operation against ALPHV Blackcat.

Going deeper: The Blackcat cyber counteroffensive is a series of coordinated cyberattacks on healthcare organizations worldwide believed to be led by a Russia-based ransomware group known as ALPHV Blackcat.

Claimed to have medical and insurance records



6. Houser LLP faces large data breach

Houser LLP faces large data breach

Houser LLP, a national law firm with offices in 11 states, recently announced a data breach impacting over 325,000 individuals.

What's next: The firm is now facing a class action lawsuit filed by an impacted individual who claims that Houser was negligent in securing data

The attacker promised they deleted the stolen data



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