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"Everything is running seamlessly" Dr. David T. Ho DDS

I had an appointment today with my dentist and Paubox customer, Dr. David T. Ho DDS

What's happening: Dr. Ho is the owner of David T. Ho, DDS, Inc. They are happy Paubox Email Suite customers.

I found Dr. Ho via reading his Yelp reviews. I've been a happy patient for years.

Here's what I learned:

  • Dr. Ho and his office are delighted with Paubox: “Everything is running seamlessly. We’re very happy. Beyond happy. ” 
  • Dr. Ho wants to read my article on catching a blue marlin from a kayak.
  • Dr Ho once caught a marlin the traditional way, from a boat, during a trip to Cabo San Lucas.

The big picture: Visiting customers is one of the favorite parts of my job as CEO. Even when it's a visit to the dentist, I always learn something new.

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