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Paubox Weekly: 76 HIPAA Breach Report statistics for 2023

Paubox Weekly: 76 HIPAA Breach Report statistics for 2023

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1. 76 HIPAA Breach Report statistics for 2023

76 HIPAA Breach Report statistics for 2023

We examined two years of HIPAA breaches filed with the OCR to find the patterns and inform your 2024 cybersecurity strategy.
By the numbers:

  • Healthcare providers experienced 62.3% of breaches in 2023.
  • The largest breach affected over 11 million individuals.
  • Hacking/IT incidents were 80% of breaches.

Phishing remains a serious threat



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2. Is Paubox Forms included in my plan?

Is Paubox Forms included in my plan-1

If you're a customer of Paubox Email Suite - our HIPAA compliant email solution - then yes. Paubox Forms is included in Standard, Plus, and Premium plans.

The bottom line: Healthcare organizations can securely collect patient data with Paubox Forms, and it's entirely free for Paubox Email Suite users.

Online forms must comply with HIPAA



Paubox Secure Contact Form



3. Colossal data leak exposes 26 billion records

Colossal data leak exposes 26 billion records

Cybersecurity researchers discovered a massive database containing 26 billion leaked records.

What happened: Cybersecurity researchers at Cybernews discovered the 12-terabyte database online. Government organizations including from the US were included in the leak.

Dubbed the "Mother of all Breaches"



4. Merck & Co. settles $1.4 billion cyberattack claim

Merck & Co. awarded $1.4 billion cyberattack claim

A legal battle that spanned years is finally coming to a close long after pharmaceutical company Merck & Co. was a victim of an international cyberattack.

What happened: Insurers weren’t eager to help cover the losses, arguing the attacks, with their widespread nature, were akin to an act of war.

Merck had to pay $915 million to restore operations



5. How to share Paubox Forms on your website

How to share Paubox Forms on your website-1

Once published, you'll get a shareable URL to securely share the form and remain HIPAA compliant.
Why it matters: By making forms shareable and accessible online, people can fill in their details quickly and conveniently before appointments.

How your practice can use Paubox Forms



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