About Converse County School District #2

Converse County School District #2 is a public school system serving the population of Glenrock, Wyoming, and the surrounding area. Most of the area’s residents are connected to the natural resources and agriculture industries, including coal mines and power plants, petroleum, natural gas, and ranching. The school system serves a diverse population of approximately 700 students from both low- and higher-income backgrounds. “We have lots of great students, and lots of kids who are going places,” said Cory Yingling, the district’s technology manager.

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Cory Yingling, Technical Director, Converse County School District #2

Of all the tools I’ve implemented in my role as a technical director for this school system, Paubox was the easiest and slickest thing ever. It is fantastic. The ease and the peace of mind that we get with Paubox is well worth the investment. I am a completely happy customer.

Cory Yingling
Technical Director
Converse County School District #2

Company Snapshot

Paubox Email Suite Goals

  • Find an easy-to-use solution that fits within the organization’s budget
  • Provide guaranteed email encryption by default
  • Make it easy to transmit information securely between families and schools


Although most of the emails Converse County sends do not have confidential data, a percentage of emails include protected health information (PHI). For example, an email to a family of a student with special needs who is part of a school’s special education program may include references to the child’s diagnosis, insurance status, phone number, or other information. 

To secure the emails that needed protection, Converse initially used the free version of Flow Crypt. However, it did not meet the district’s needs.

Converse looked at several email encryption products, including Zix, Virtru, Lock Magic, Flow Crypt’s paid version, and Paubox. “Every solution that we evaluated was more of a pain, with more steps involved than Paubox,” Yingling noted.

Some of the solutions Converse evaluated required users to sign up for an account, while others relied on cumbersome portals. Some email encryption methods required additional downloads or plugin installation, which the school district’s email recipients were reluctant to do. On the sender side, every other solution Converse considered required extra steps to encrypt an email, like remembering to check a box or use certain words in the subject line. Paubox alternatives were complex and unwieldy.


The right solution had to meet a range of criteria. First, it had to ensure that email traffic was encrypted by default. Secondly, as a school district, Converse wanted a competitively priced solution. Thirdly, the solution had to be easy to use. “We wanted something that was a no-brainer, that ensured that encryption happened easily behind the scenes. Of all the solutions that we evaluated, Paubox was the clear winner,” Yingling said.

This year, with COVID-19 restrictions in place, it became even more important to adopt an email encryption solution to facilitate the electronic exchange of information. Paubox Email Suite is unique because it encrypts email behind the scenes, with no action needed by the sender. On the recipient side, the process of opening an encrypted email is just the same as opening any other email. No extra steps, plugins, downloads, accounts, passwords, or anything else. Paubox Email Suite has achieved HITRUST CSF certification, demonstrating that it has met key regulatory requirements and industry-defined requirements to appropriately manage risk.

“In a word, ease is the reason we chose Paubox. I haven’t had to touch it since we implemented it. There is no need for recipients to create an account or take extra steps, and everything we send is encrypted automatically. It’s simple, it’s behind the scenes – it just works,” explained Yingling.

Implementation was simple with Paubox. “The process was pretty straightforward, and the Paubox team was easy to work with and very responsive,” Yingling said.


The switch to Paubox was smooth for Converse. In fact, according to Yingling, no one noticed the change because the email system kept working as it had before. Only now, every email was encrypted. He has recommended Paubox Email Suite to colleagues and fellow school district technical directors.

The investment Converse has made in Paubox Email Suite also reduces the school system’s risk of being a  breach victim. Since March, Paubox has secured more than 319,000 emails for the school system.

“The time savings was huge for us. All of the time we previously spent encrypting emails, storing passwords, resetting them, and fielding questions from users who couldn’t access their emails – all of that time was saved,” Yingling noted. “And the peace of mind we have now with everything encrypted . . .  is priceless.”

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Use case

Facilitate secure data exchange between schools and families.

Used solution

Paubox Email Suite

Favorite features

  • Reliable solution
  • Requires no management or maintenance
  • Zero-step encryption
  • Exceptional customer service

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