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Inclusa is a Wisconsin-based managed care organization with 1,200 employees and a network of 6,000 providers serving more than 15,500 members with patient-focused long-term care services and support. The organization’s goal is to build a more vibrant and inclusive community so that all people can thrive. 


“The other solutions we tried were a real challenge for our providers, most of which are small offices. Providers would forget their passwords and not be able to log in to the portal,” explained Josh Jandrain, Inclusa’s chief information officer."


Inclusa’s members are primarily adults with disabilities and frail elders. Care management is an integral part of the company’s work and is referred to as Commonunity®. Members are assigned a nurse and a social worker who connects with them to understand their goals and build a long-term care plan.


Company snapshot

  • Founded in 2000
  • Number of locations: 37
  • Paubox customer since 2019


Managed care

Use case

Transmit PHI over email in a reliable, secure way


  • Make it easier for providers and members to receive emails containing protected health information (PHI)
  • Simplify the process of sending PHI over email to make employees’ jobs easier
  • Reduce the time Inclusa’s IT team spends dealing with secure email-related support tickets

Used solution

Favorite features

  • Every email is encrypted automatically
  • Easy implementation
  • Excellent customer service




With providers, employees, and members scattered across 51 counties, Inclusa needed a reliable, secure way to transmit PHI over email. The team tried Zix, a portal-based solution, as well as Microsoft 365’s secure email offering. All of the options Inclusa tried presented real problems in communicating with providers and members.

Portal-based encryption systems are often clunky and hard to use, requiring recipients to sign up for a password-protected account in order to view the email message, which not everyone will be willing or able to do. Keyword solutions, on the other hand, place the burden on the sender to remember to add specific words to the email’s subject line to trigger encryption. 

Inclusa’s IT team spent hours each week providing support for these encryption systems, resetting passwords, walking recipients through the retrieval process, handling support tickets, and auditing email usage. All of the time, they were spending handling secure email hassles could have been spent helping patients.



Jandrain learned about Paubox Email Suite at the 2019 HIMSS conference, and he knew that it was just what Inclusa needed. “At first, I thought it was too good to be true. Paubox Email Suite was exactly what we were looking for,” Jandrain said.

Paubox Email Suite is different from other secure email solutions because it encrypts email behind the scenes. Every email is encrypted—all a sender has to do is hit “send.” And even better, all the recipient has to do is hit “open” to read it—no portal, no password required. In addition, Paubox Email Suite is HITRUST certified, the gold standard of security in the healthcare industry.

Paubox Email Suites’s implementation process was easy, with onboarding, configuration, and testing all supported by the Paubox team. “It didn’t take us long to roll it out. A couple of weeks, and we were switched over. It was really simple,” Jandrain explained.



In one year, Inclusa has used Paubox Email Suite to seamlessly and securely send more than 1.3 million emails.

What’s more, implementing Paubox Email Suite has saved Inclusa’s team serious time. Jandrain estimates that Paubox has freed up 20 hours a week—equivalent to half a week’s work for a full-time employee.


“It wasn’t nearly the support burden that the other solutions were. It was so much easier and so intuitive for everyone,” noted Jandrain.


Inclusa’s provider network was delighted by the ease of use as well. “Our provider offices work with so many managed care organizations and other companies, but this change really made it easier for them to do business with Inclusa,” Jandrain said.

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