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Cost Plus Drugs

Cost Plus Drugs

Mark Cuban's Cost Plus Drugs is a company focused on reducing the price of common medications by cutting out middlemen and providing a transparent pricing model. 

Cost Plus Drugs has revolutionized the industry and, for many, made medication affordable again. The company even started its own manufacturing operations in Texas to supply medicines in shortage to community hospitals.

Cost Plus Drugs relies on Paubox for secure email encryption, marketing, and HIPAA compliant forms to keep patient data secure.


Company snapshot

  • Launched in 2022
  • Hybrid-remote operations



Use case

Sending and receiving protected health information; HIPAA compliance


  • Provide a frictionless and secure experience for both senders and recipients
  • Find a cost-effective solution
  • Have access to multiple tools, like individual emails and marketing campaigns

Used solution

Favorite features

  • Automatic encryption for all emails
  • Safely collecting customer information
  • Cost-effective and secure


The Challenge

Before using Paubox Email Suite, Cost Plus Drugs used Outlook's built-in encryption tool.

"Outlook's encryption requires the user to manually select to encrypt specific messages with a fairly clunky workflow," Kline explained. Recipients were required to use a portal to access the encrypted message if they didn't have Outlook.

The Cost Plus Drugs team found this time-consuming and high-friction for both senders and receivers. With a growing company, Kline felt it was time to level up to a more user-friendly service. 


The Solution

The marketing lead at Cost Plus Drugs was initially introduced to Paubox via Paubox's Marketing platform. The marketing team had been on the hunt for reliable and secure software to send campaigns, which led them to Paubox, "[it] was by far the most cost-effective and had general parity with other email marketing platforms." 

Paubox Marketing is the ideal service for companies looking to create campaigns that include protected health information (PHI). For healthcare organizations, anything connecting a customer to a condition could be considered PHI. For HIPAA-covered entities, this can present a challenge because most marketing tools either prohibit sending PHI or require recipients to open the email in a portal. The result is time-consuming and often ineffective campaigns. 

With Paubox, users can send automatically encrypted marketing emails with PHI. Users can open them like any other email, resulting in higher open rates and more relevant, engaging, personalized content.  

Alongside marketing tools, Paubox Email Suite provides a frictionless experience for email senders and recipients alike.

Unlike most competitors, Paubox automatically encrypts every email by default and allows recipients to view emails straight from their inbox; no portals or passwords are required.

Once Cost Plus Drugs decided to use Paubox Marketing, it became obvious that multiple solutions would help them expand and connect with customers. 

For Kline and the company, it was a quick decision. "Finding out that we could use Paubox to encrypt all email by default was immediately attractive as both a timer saver and significant improvement on our user experience," Kline said.    

Kline shared that the company utilizes Paubox Email Suite to encrypt his team's email communications internally and externally. 

Cost Plus Drugs also uses Paubox Marketing to power both one-time emails and drip campaigns for their new Team Cuban Card program.

Lastly, the company uses Paubox Forms to collect information that assists its customer support team.


The Results

Now that Cost Plus Drugs has been using Paubox for six months, they're well-versed in the service and all its benefits.

For Kline, the priority is security and communication. "As a small company, we can't afford any interruption in communication," he said. 

Email is a major communication tool, so Kline was initially hesitant about the transition. "The prospect of adding another point of failure to our most-used communication method (email) produced some anxiety." Thankfully, Paubox's support team helped create a smooth transition and was responsive as Cost Plus Drugs switched to the service. 

Paubox has allowed for seamless and secure communications. Kline says one of the most helpful Paubox tools is the company's ability to collect information from users who have questions.  

Cost Plus Drugs continues to expand, changing the landscape for pharmaceuticals and ensuring medications remain accessible for all. Along the way, Paubox will secure their email communication and make it easier than ever for the company to reach patients.

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