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Paubox Weekly: Q1 Healthcare Cybersecurity Recap of major events, initiatives, and trends

Paubox Weekly: Q1 Healthcare Cybersecurity Recap of major events, initiatives, and trends

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1. Q1 Cybersecurity Recap: Major events, initiatives, and trends

Q1 Cybersecurity Recap Major events, initiatives, and trends

We are a quarter through the year, and it’s proving to be an eventful one for healthcare organizations everywhere.

Looking ahead:

  • The Change Healthcare attack could signal a shift in future policy or response measures.
  • The HHS recently delivered an annual report on HIPAA compliance and breaches.
  • A Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) report described value-based care programs as helping improve care at a lower cost. CMS needs help attracting practices to the payment model.

What’s happened so far and what we can expect next.



2. All about patient experience - HMPS24

All about patient experience - HMPS24

The Paubox team is in Las Vegas for the 29th Healthcare Marketing & Physician Strategies Summit hosted by The Forum for Healthcare Strategists.

The event: The Summit focuses on strategic marketing, communication strategy, patient engagement, and topics related to healthcare business growth and sales.

Why it matters: Our mission is to become the market leader for HIPAA compliant communication.

It's all about personalized communication



Referral Program



3. Report: 33 percent of healthcare websites still use pixel tracking

Report 33 percent of healthcare websites still use pixel tracking

LOKKER, a technology service provider, recently reported that many organizations still use pixels to collect and track data.

What happened: They also found 33% of healthcare companies use the Meta pixel on their websites despite significant pressure from the government, mounting lawsuits, and breaches. 

Nearly 2% of all companies shared data directly with Russia or China



Paubox Forms CTA



4. Paubox customers: Paubox Zoom social mixer (April 2024)

Paubox customers Paubox Zoom social mixer (April 2024)

The social mixer was a roundtable discussion covering ChatGPT and HIPAA, new cybersecurity threats, the impact of inflation on margins, and DLP best practices. 

Our takeaways:

  • IT departments will have to monitor how employees are using ChatGPT
  • Paubox customers see a massive jump of bad emails blocked after using Geofencing
  • 54% of CISOs struggle to convince the board to prioritize cybersecurity investments

Decryption tools in case of an attack



5. Report: HHS office may have put data at risk

Report HHS office may have put data at risk

The HHS OIG says the Administration for Children and Families stored data in an at-risk cloud system.

Going deeper: Findings indicated that security control of access enforcement and information input validation were both at critical levels of vulnerability. Many other security components were at a high or medium level of vulnerability.

A “high risk of compromise.”




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What happened last week


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