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Medication reminder service via Paubox Email API [VIDEO]

Medication reminder service via Paubox Email API [VIDEO]

During a recent customer visit to YTH in Oakland, we caught up with them on how they use our solutions. It turns out they use the Paubox Email API for Medication Reminder Services. Medication Reminder Services are solutions that remind people of all ages to take their daily prescription medications. Below is an excerpt from our chat YTH and Customer Success Manager Phuong Tran.



Medication Reminder Services

Laiah Idelson: YTH was started in 2001 and our goal is to use technology to develop innovative solutions for youth health and wellness. Innovation programming, or some of the programs we work with Paubox on, like PrEPTECH and Health Reminders Nebraska.

Phuong Tran: How does HIPAA apply to you guys and programs that you guys provide?

Laiah Idelson: We generally, before we learned about Paubox, avoided HIPAA programming that had to do with HIPAA. When we began some of the programs that we work on now, we were fortunate to find Paubox thru our engineers. Both of these programs, especially PrEPTECH, have requirements that they remain HIPAA compliant and we're happy to have found you because it allows us to do programming that before we weren't able to engage with.

Chris Bannister: PrEPTECH is an online telemedicine program. The PrEPTECH Program is designed in a way that allows participants to customize SMS reminders and customize their own health tips and basically their own weekly setup so they can make sure their PREP adherence is maintained. Phuong Tran: It sounds like a lot of the programs you guys do, in particular PrEPTECH- it's a smart way and an easy way to really remind participants about their appointments, the drugs they're taking, and just trying to stay in adherence to the treatment they're in.

Laiah Idelson: I think your point around adherence applies especially to the other program we use Paubox for, which is Health Reminders Nebraska. They came to us and asked us to replicate some other programs that we have which are medication reminder services. They asked that the site be HIPAA compliant, which are our previous partners with similar sites hadn't requested and so that's when we found you. They can choose if they receive text, email or voice reminders. The email reminders come from Paubox.

Phuong Tran: I'm glad that we can help you guys, you know, give you some sense of safety in terms of insuring the communication between those participants are secure and encrypted.

Laiah Idelson: We work with a lot of other vendors for various programs and features and I do feel like, at least in the programs that I work with, you all are some of the more engaged partners and willing to come to our events and meet us and invite us to your events and things like that. That's been fun for us to get to know you all as well.

About YTH

HIPAA Compliant Email API – Customer Success with YTH - Paubox

YTH is the partner of choice for those in search of new ways to advance the health of youth and young adults through technology. They drive change by creating, evaluating, and refining technology solutions and providing partners with proven models ready for scale and replication. YTH also builds the capacity of the community to advance youth health by providing research, training, idea generation, and expert advice. Once it’s determined what works, YTH makes sure that the community can learn from any findings by sharing them through their annual YTH Live conference, blog, and research.


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