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Paubox Email API is a great option for healthcare providers that want to send transactional email at scale.  We are excited to announce recent improvements to our Paubox SMTP API option.

Paubox SMTP API enables you to use SMTP with any number of third-party tools and ensure that you are sending HIPAA compliant email using Paubox’s HITRUST CSF certified email encryption.  It requires less coding expertise to get started than the basic REST API option, although both configurations are available for all Paubox Email API customers. 

Paubox customers sending SMTP mail traffic can now send via our API servers for improved reporting and analytics—including access to webhooks

Administrators for the SMTP API are now able to see email statistics from the admin panel and view sent emails in the mail log.

API-stats (1)

These improvements go along with our big ideas at Paubox: security, reliability, and ease of use.

Existing Paubox SMTP API customers must generate a new API key in order to take advantage of these additional features.  Detailed instructions can be found in our developer documentation.

With Paubox SMTP API, patients receive encrypted emails directly to their inboxes—no passwords or portals required.  Easy to implement with clear documentation, a developer’s experience is as seamless as the email recipient’s.

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