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Lunch with Elena Yau - Five Acres

Lunch with Elena Yau - Five Acres

I had lunch with Elena Yau of Five Acres today in Pasadena, CA. 

What's happening: I have an OKR this quarter of visiting ten of our Top 100 customers. Five Acres is fourth on my list.

By the numbers: 

  • "Healthcare needs help." Elena Yau
  • Elena and Five Acres are big fans of Paubox ExecProtect. Their upper management and vital personnel are configured in it. 
  • HIPAA compliant texting remains a need.
  • HIPAA compliant forms are also a need, as they have a lot of manual and duplicate workflows.
  • Elena thinks email signatures could be a complimentary feature for Paubox.
  • The client population they serve may not have access to technology and Five Acres is working creatively with Paubox as partners in removing those technology barriers like HIPAA compliant forms.


Why it matters: Customer feedback is a core tenet of the Paubox Foundations, which are principles and values we care intensely about.

The bottom line: Visiting customers and sharing the Paubox roadmap is a fantastic way to gather feedback.

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Lunch with Elena Yau - Five Acres


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