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Our Paubox Email API Zoom social mixer (June 2022)

Our Paubox Email API Zoom social mixer (June 2022)
Our Paubox Email API Zoom social mixer (July 2022)

We’ve mentioned before how the premise of a Paubox Zoom social mixer is pretty simple, we recreate things we used to do in real life (IRL) on the internet. Last night was no different, as we held a Zoom social mixer that focused on Paubox Email API.


As we’ve stated in the Paubox Foundations, we use customer feedback as our roadmap of what to build and when. It’s events like these that further enable us to achieve our mission of becoming the market leader for HIPAA compliant communication.


This post covers some of its highlights.


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Providing a place to network and share best practices

Our tenth Paubox Zoom social mixer brought customers, prospects, and staff together from ten states for valuable networking and exploring myriad uses for Paubox Email API.

In addition, guests were treated to food and beverage deliveries (or gift cards) on us. 

Our Zoom social mixers usually start the same. Attendees first introduce themselves, followed by our staff. We then begin with topics chosen by customers and prospects to get things flowing. 

I zoomed in from Alaska and was joined by a flavorful Paubox team.


The Paubox Email API Zoom social mixer

We covered a range of topics last night, including:

  • Our very own Danny Bernard gave a demo of Paubox Email API webhooks with Zapier
  • Numerous use cases for Paubox Email API
  • An analytics API endpoint is important for Paubox Email API
  • Access-based permissions for each product are a need
  • The term “calendar stalker” is an actual office phrase now
  • High school mascot names (including The Fighting Russets)

One of our customers remarked, “Everything that makes it easier is so appreciated!” Another noted, "I’m excited about how we can start taking advantage of Paubox Email API."

Thank you for the feedback =)


Helpful links from the evening


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