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3 mind-blowing ways to save money with Paubox

3 mind-blowing ways to save money with Paubox

Diligent healthcare organizations are always searching for ways to save money, regardless of whether the economy is in a recession or not.

This post will cover three effective methods to save money with Paubox.

Each of these methods are available to all Paubox Email Suite customers.


Save at least $250 with the Paubox referral program


The premise is simple and powerful: Refer a friend to Paubox Email Suite and you both earn a $250 credit.

Your friend will receive a 14 day trial and upon successful completion of the trial period, you each will receive a $250 credit.

As an added bonus, there are no limits to how many customers you can refer and how much referral credit you can earn.

Our referral page is here.


How can I supercharge the Paubox referral program?

Read this post to transform the Paubox email footer into your very own referral program ID. Once enabled, every email you send will have a link to our referral page that attributes to your account.


Save $1,188 a year with the Paubox Secure Contact Form


A HIPAA compliant contact form is a web form designed to securely collect and transmit protected health information (PHI).

Every Paubox account comes with a secure contact form included at no extra charge. It’s a great way for your website visitors to send you encrypted messages or for patients to electronically share information without relying on a fax machine.

You can link your unique contact form URL anywhere on your website, and responses will be delivered in a HIPAA compliant manner straight to your inbox. The contact form link is hosted on our encrypted Paubox platform, so you don’t need to worry about having a HIPAA compliant website.


How am I saving $1,188 a year with the Paubox Secure Contact Form?

Jotform is an example of an online form provider. If you want use their service and be HIPAA compliant however, you'll need to upgrade to the Jotform HIPAA plan, which starts at $1,188 a year.

Read more: Is JotForm a HIPAA compliant forms provider?


Save $45 per month with secure calendar invites via Paubox


For customers who use Paubox Email Suite, there's a secret bonus integration already built in, HIPAA compliant calendar invites.

Here's how it works:

  • Once you connect Paubox Email Suite to Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, or Microsoft Exchange, your calendar invites from each respective platform will use Paubox to securely email the invite to your recipients.
  • In other words, you can personalize the calendar invite (e.g., use PHI) and be HIPAA compliant.
  • Make sure you have a business associate agreement if your email service provider is based in the cloud. If you run Microsoft Exchange on hardware you own, a BAA is not necessary with Microsoft in this scenario.

See related: Leolinda Parlin: HIPAA Compliant Calendar Invites


How am I saving $45 a month with Paubox secure calendar invites?

We searched the internet and the closest thing we could find in functionality is called Squarespace Scheduling.

In order to be HIPAA compliant however, Squarespace requires an upgrade to the Squarespace Scheduling Powerhouse plan, which will set you back $45 a month.

See also: Does Squarespace offer HIPAA compliant web hosting?


Hypothetical example on how to get more than a year of Paubox for free, on top of saving $1,728


Using these three smart methods to save money with Paubox, here's a hypothetical example of how a small practice can get more than a year of Paubox for free, while also saving $1,728 in purchasing additional HIPAA compliant software:

  • Refer to two friends to Paubox. Once they successfully complete their respective 14 day trials, you'll have a $500 Paubox credit. If one defines a small practice as an office with about 5 employees, Paubox Email Suite is an annual investment of $348 a year. When factored against your $500 credit, that's nearly a year and a half of Paubox Email Suite for free.
  • Skip buying other HIPAA compliant calendar invite and secure contact form vendors. As we've illustrated above, the built-in features of Paubox Email Suite can save you an additional $1,728 a year.


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