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Covered entities need to ensure that the business associates they work with are HIPAA compliant . This includes phone systems like GoToConnect. Phone providers can have access to sensitive information from call recordings or voicemails, which need protection under HIPAA. GoToConnect is a cloud-based phone system and virtual meeting platform that healthcare companies might consider using.  Let's review if it is a safe option for healthcare providers.


GoToConnect and the business associate agreement


A business associate agreement (BAA) is a written contract between a business associate and a covered entity. It outlines the duties and responsibilities that a business associate has to keep protected health information (PHI) secure. A BAA must be signed for HIPAA compliance.  GoToConnect is willing to sign a BAA it provides


GoToConnect and data security


While a BAA is a requirement for compliance with HIPAA, covered entities should also research data security protocols. You may need to configure settings to ensure that PHI is protected. GoToConnect has data security measures, including:


Is GoToConnect HIPAA compliant?


Yes, GoToConnect can be HIPAA compliant. The company is willing to participate in a BAA that it provides. Covered entities will need to sign the BAA before using GoToConnect.


Use email AI for HIPAA compliance


While Paubox Email Suite can help you send HIPAA compliant email, it can also leverage email AI to send voicemail transcriptions to your inbox. Paubox uses natural language processing (NLP) to detect and transcribe audio files like voicemail. It then sends the transcription and audio file to your email in a HIPAA compliant manner.  Email AI enables healthcare organizations to employ various types of workflow automation as well such as archiving emails into a single data warehouse. SEE ALSO: Healthcare workflow automation via HIPAA compliant email Paubox includes a BAA in all plans, and we're dedicated to keeping your email data safe and secure.


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