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Can Salesforce CRM be HIPAA compliant?

Can Salesforce CRM be HIPAA compliant?

Great news for healthcare organizations using Salesforce CRM - now your emails can be HIPAA compliant! Thanks to Paubox's integration, you can ensure that your outgoing emails are encrypted, meeting the stringent requirements of HIPAA.


Why it matters

Healthcare organizations often use Salesforce CRM for patient communication, appointment reminders, and sharing health reports. These emails may contain protected health information (PHI), which must be securely transmitted under HIPAA regulations. With Paubox's integration, you can ensure that all such emails are encrypted in transit, providing an extra layer of security.


The benefits of Salesforce CRM in healthcare

Salesforce CRM is a powerful tool for healthcare organizations. It streamlines operations, enhances patient communication, and improves overall patient care. With Salesforce CRM, healthcare providers can manage patient data, schedule appointments, send reminders, and even share health reports, all from a single platform. This level of integration and efficiency can significantly improve the patient experience, leading to higher satisfaction rates and better health outcomes.


The importance of HIPAA compliant communication

HIPAA compliance is not just a legal requirement for healthcare organizations. It's a commitment to patient privacy and trust. Non-compliance can lead to severe consequences, including hefty fines. Healthcare organizations demonstrate their commitment to protecting sensitive patient information by using HIPAA compliant email solutions.


Paubox and HIPAA compliance

Paubox is crucial in ensuring HIPAA compliance for emails sent via Salesforce CRM. Paubox's email encryption technology automatically encrypts all outgoing emails, ensuring that any sensitive information contained within is secure in transit. This means that healthcare organizations can focus on providing excellent patient care without worrying about the security of their email communications. Paubox is used by thousands of healthcare providers across the country.


Here's how you can make Salesforce CRM HIPAA compliant:

  1. Organization Level Configuration: With administrator credentials, configure Salesforce to allow routing via Paubox. This is done by creating an email relay to Paubox. Here's how to create the email relay
  2. User Level Configuration: Each user should update their Salesforce settings. Toggle the radio button to send via Gmail or O365 rather than via Salesforce. Ensure your email address is listed as "acceptable" under the "My Email to Salesforce" section. Here's how to set up user-level routing.
  3. Test the Setup: Send a test message from Salesforce to an external email address. If the setup is successful, the Paubox footer will appear at the bottom of the HIPAA email for confirmation.


Salesforce CRM can be HIPAA compliant

Salesforce CRM can indeed be HIPAA compliant by routing emails through Paubox. This solution ensures that all outgoing emails are encrypted in transit, providing an extra layer of security for healthcare organizations.

With Paubox's integration, healthcare organizations can leverage the power of Salesforce CRM while ensuring they remain compliant with HIPAA regulations.

Note: This configuration works for individual users sending emails via Salesforce; it does not apply when attempting to "send-as" other users, case replies, or automated system update emails. It only works in Salesforce Lightning Experience; options may not be allowed in the "Classic" view.

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