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Founders Pledge dinner - Human rights data analysis group

Founders Pledge dinner - Human rights data analysis group

Renowned data scientist Patrick Ball of HRDAG

After a long flight back from HIMSS17 Orlando without much sleep, I attended a Founders Pledge dinner in SF last night. I got to know the folks from Founders Pledge when David Goldberg visited 500 Startups last September.

Through Founders Pledge, founders commit to donating at least 2% of their personal proceeds upon exit. No changes in cap table or board approval necessary. David is a closer: I signed up and was on-boarded within 5 minutes. Very impressive.

 David Golderberg, Founders Pledge - Paubox David Goldberg of Founders Pledge

 Founders Pledge dinner, HRDAG - Paubox Opening remarks by Brynne Kennedy, CEO of MOVE Guides

At dinner, I sat next to Chris Hollindale, CEO of Zesty. His company graciously donated the delicious food.  Founders Pledge, Zesty - Paubox Zesty donated the tasty food


HRDAG: The Key Thing That We Do About it is Persist

I think it's fair to say everyone in the room was impressed with Patrick's presentation. I couldn't help but get excited by his passion for statistics and machine learning in the realm of human rights. I'm looking forward to having a beer with him.

UPDATE (2 March 2017): After having had a couple beers with Patrick last night, my conclusion is that he's one of the most interesting people I've met since I moved back to SF.

Check out his bio.

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