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How the Paubox Email API Can Help Fight the Pandemic


Dan Dorszynski: Thanks, Nick, that was a great overview of the problem of contract tracing. And I think a lot of people charged with facilitating that process have been left to ask themselves, well, how are we going to do this, but also stay in compliance with HIPAA regulations. 

And that’s where paubox is email API has really come into play for a lot of the customers who already use it. The integration is really straightforward and easy. And as a developer, that’s something I’m always a huge fan of proof of concept is fast. And then also you can develop and deliver a production-ready application in an amazing, fast, amazingly quick amount of time, which is really important, especially during times like these. 

Mmm, hmm. The nice thing about the email delivery is that the top box handles the optimization of the secure delivery so that you basically plug and play the code that delivers the email that sends the email, and paubox handles the encryption, whether or not the receiving end has built-in TLS encryption, or we need to create another way for them to view the encrypted message. 

Another big thing that paubox offers is a business associate agreement included for all customers, which is an important part of HIPAA regulations for any service providers for covered organizations. And lastly, which is something I like to see is that we already have SDK support set up for seven different languages, from Java to C sharp to PHP, Perl, Ruby. And that doesn’t, that’s not the limitation. 

That’s just what we have the SDK ready to go for. But this can really integrate into any system. The next slide, it’s a very simple slide, it’s a very simple picture of how pa boxes email API can drop into the communication pipeline. 

So if you imagine if you’re, if your company has its secure data protected health information that you want to share with patients, and you want to avoid the fax machine, or you have these built-in processes that either generate letters or faxes, you can imagine the paubox email API, getting in in that same area as it’s on the script, which would be a part custom script that you’re building on your organization side, and part using the Pollack’s email API. 

And then when that message is created, it sends it out to the patients in whatever encrypted format, they can receive an email by. And as I mentioned, it’s not just communication between clinics and labs, and hospitals and patients, it’s also communication between those organizations themselves. 

So on the next slide, we see what is essentially the same diagram. But instead of people on the receiving end of these messages, it’s other systems, other businesses, other companies who need that information as well. So again, it’s customized email delivery encrypted to however that other system, whether or not they’re part of pillboxes or customer products or not. I mean, ideally, they all would be, but if it whether or not their customers paubox that message or any information will be encrypted.

On the next slide, I’d like to kind of talk about patient portals and apps, we talked about this and how it can be really frustrating. And I do like to talk about it from a personal standpoint, as someone with a disability who uses a wheelchair, I’m quite familiar with the process of jumping through hoops to get things signed, delivered. It happens all the time, it happens for me several times a year, whether it’s getting parking permits, signed by my doctor or other documents that I need to prove my disability, or what have you, I’ll have to physically go in and pick up the document from my doctor. 

Because I do not have a fax machine in my basement garage. I don’t even have a landline anymore. And I know there are ways to do faxes online. But it’s yet another piece of this puzzle that just creates friction. And especially for someone like me who has these extra needs, you really want to make it easy for people to stay engaged in their health care. And it’s not just people who have consistent healthcare needs. It’s everyone like we want to make it easier for everyone. 

And especially with COVID and contract contact tracing if it’s made difficult. I mean, there are already so many things people don’t understand or don’t hear, or are confused about and making that process even more difficult. Is it something that’s just going to keep dragging us down? 

So you see that dog there, too. through hoops, I can’t even jump through hoops physically anymore. I’m just done with it. I don’t want to deal with patient portals and apps, I want to just get the message in my email or delta form and mail it on to the next organization. And so that’s where something like the PA box email API can really fit in. On a bunch of different areas.

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Read a full recap of Paubox Spring Summit. About Nick Wong Wong is a software engineer and email API specialist at Paubox. He recently spoke at Paubox SECURE, Paubox’s digital health security conference, in October. Wong shared about the endless possibilities that Paubox Email API grants developers to keep their email communication secure and safe from unauthorized users.

About Dan Dorszynski Dorszynski has been working as a software developer for the web before Facebook, Twitter, and Google were even ideas. He has spent the last 20 years as an independent web developer before joining Paubox as a software engineer. Learn more about these panelists.


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