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Dan Dorszynski: The future of security, compliance, and healthcare

Dan Dorszynski: The future of security, compliance, and healthcare
How the Paubox Email API Can Help Fight the Pandemic


Dan Dorszynski: The future of security and compliance and healthcare, I think it’s a very safe bet to say it’s not going to get any more lenient. requirements are getting stricter and stricter privacy laws are really just everywhere. It’s not just with healthcare anymore. 

And that makes things like plaintext emails seem really ridiculous to me. Just any information that’s sent through email should probably have some level of encryption with it. Whether that’s information about your finances, or credit cards, or whatever. 

And again, the current solution or the intermediate solution, intermediate solution to that has been to create portals and other things that just make it more difficult. So we’ve taken this email technology that was so great at the beginning, like boom, boom, boom, efficient, efficient, and made it really inefficient. So hopefully, something like the callbacks email API can help with that. And also thinking about SSL on basic websites. 

As little as two or three years ago, you could go to websites and not get yelled at by your browser with these red flashing things that would say, hey, the site’s not encrypted. Nowadays, all websites are getting very close to being SSL encrypted. Even Wikipedia has a secure connection when you go to it. It’s not just about checking out and paying for things with credit cards anymore. Everything’s got that little lockbox on the browser.

I know a lot of you are probably in the healthcare arena right now. But beyond healthcare, what can we expect, as far as email encryption? And the question that I would ask here is, well, what is sacred to me? And what would I want to be protected? As far as information beyond my health information, I mean, granted, there’s not necessarily a ton of laws revolving around these things. They do exist, but they’re not as much in the forefront as the HIPAA regulations are. 

But if you say what’s sacred to me, and if you have children, I don’t have kids, I’m imagining, they’re number one, information about your kids, not just their health, but you know, their ages, their birth dates, anything related to your children, you probably don’t want that flying around the internet in an unencrypted email. 

Same with finances, hopefully, their finances aren’t as more important than your children, but you’re still important, and your jobs and things like your political beliefs, your and anything that you think you wouldn’t want to necessarily broadcasts to the rest of the universe will probably be something that’s appropriate in the future. 

So, I mean, that’s this is really taking it into a big picture view, beyond COVID in contact tracing, but it’s also showing that the limitations of non email communication are really just what we want to let them be we can integrate things and create apps and tools using tools like the paubox marketing, public email API to make these things easy. There’s really no excuse to make them more difficult.

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About Nick Wong Wong is a software engineer and email API specialist at Paubox. He recently spoke at Paubox SECURE, Paubox’s digital health security conference, in October. Wong shared about the endless possibilities that Paubox Email API grants developers to keep their email communication secure and safe from unauthorized users.

About Dan Dorszynski Dorszynski has been working as a software developer for the web before Facebook, Twitter, and Google were even ideas. He has spent the last 20 years as an independent web developer before joining Paubox as a software engineer.

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