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Dan Dorszynski: Paubox Email API use cases

Dan Dorszynski: Paubox Email API use cases
How the Paubox Email API Can Help Fight the Pandemic



Dan Dorszynski: The next thing I’m going to talk about is a couple of our customers who are using the email API already. 

And both are doing it in ways that make healthcare easier and faster. Zippy care, for example, is a company that’s striving to make healthcare easier from start to finish. And their model is such that people can request at-home medical treatment. And the final day, instead of going into urgent care, the ER, which is really a huge benefit during a pandemic, you don’t have to go out into public. 

And I love this from my standpoint as well, because again, making it easier is the best way to keep people engaged in their health care. So what does it take care does is they do the appointment. And then after an appointment, they will send encrypted emails to patients with further instructions for their care, or when to do follow-up appointments. And basically, anything that they could send an email before they can send an email without HIPAA protection, they can also send now with any protected health information in it because it’s encrypted. 

So they’re their model is great. They’re using Paubox Email API to really keep the speed of things moving, and increases their efficiency overall. 

The next customer who’s using the email API really effectively is Alcala Testing and Analysis Services. And their whole business originated from trying to speed up the turnaround time for toxicology testing. And in the past, prior to 10 years ago, when they started, it was so slow. And so they’ve always sought to keep speed as part of their, their business. 

And so when they started doing COVID testing, they were coordinating with these pop-up testing sites across the country. And this created a need to start passing information and test results around quickly. And so they use the paubox email API to integrate HIPAA compliant email solutions into their processes. 

And now they send 10,000 or more emails every week, handling all their COVID-related visits. So that’s a really good example of real-world usage, usages of paubox, email API. In other use cases, I think the easiest thing to do is just ask the question, where wouldn’t email work better than fax or physical delivery? And this is a really easy question to answer. 

There are endless possibilities, whether it’s pharmacies, labs, nursing homes, communicating between the patients, or the residents of nursing homes, communicating information about them to their families, also student health, especially because kids don’t want to deal with anything that isn’t digital. 

And they don’t even know what a fax machine is, let’s be honest. So I think asking that question is, is really the good a good place to examine any part of your existing business? But then the question becomes, well, how do we take care of this without worrying about security without worrying about how much work it takes to implement? And that’s where the API really comes into play, as we kind of covered it’s not a lot to ramp up to get that integrated into your systems. 

So the answer to that question becomes pretty straightforward as far as how to implement that.

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About Nick Wong Wong is a software engineer and email API specialist at Paubox. He recently spoke at Paubox SECURE, Paubox’s digital health security conference, in October. Wong shared about the endless possibilities that Paubox Email API grants developers to keep their email communication secure and safe from unauthorized users.

About Dan Dorszynski Dorszynski has been working as a software developer for the web before Facebook, Twitter, and Google were even ideas. He has spent the last 20 years as an independent web developer before joining Paubox as a software engineer.

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