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Thoughts on the water: Looking ahead on 2017

Thoughts on the water: Looking ahead on 2017

In December I took some time off to get back in the water. I hadn't gone kayak fishing in about six months, which is a long time in my book. So I packed up my truck and drove south from SF to San Diego, with a stop in Bakersfield to visit family during Christmas. During my time on the water, I reflected on 2016 and pondered things to come in 2017.


Looking Back on 2016



Hoala Greevy - 17lb Hamachi My first Hamachi (17 lb)


Looking Ahead to 2017


  • The prevalence of successful ransomware attacks in 2016 provides a strong signal such attacks will continue in 2017.
  • Large HIPAA Fines likely to continue.
  • Trump Presidency may repeal ACA (Obama Care) but HIPAA is here to stay.
  • Market demand for HIPAA Compliant Email to remain strong.


Hoala Greevy - 27lb Hamachi One of my favorite fish to eat - Hamachi


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