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1. Costco faces lawsuit over alleged privacy violations

Costco faces lawsuit over alleged privacy violations

Costco was recently accused of using third-party tracking technology on the Costco Pharmacy website without patient knowledge.

What happened: Two separate lawsuits were filed against Costco Wholesale Corporation, alleging privacy violations related to tracking technologies on their pharmacy web pages.

Did they share PHI for marketing purposes?



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2. SF meetup - Paubox Kahikina STEM Scholarship

SF meetup - Paubox Kahikina STEM Scholarship

Last month we hosted a meetup in San Francisco for the Paubox Kahikina STEM Scholarship.

Hoala's takeaways: Hoala moderated a fireside chat with Eric Nakagawa and Nick Wong.

  • Yes, even amongst Hawaiians, a rivalry exists between Stanford and UC Berkeley.
  • Nick shared his experiences with the Paubox Kahikina STEM Scholarship and his current role as Product Manager at Paragon.
  • Eric shared his success story with I Can Has Cheezburger?

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3. New York proposes new security regulations for hospitals

New York proposes new security regulations for hospitals

New York Governor Kathy Hochul proposed new cybersecurity protocols to help hospitals better respond to cybersecurity challenges.

Going deeper: The proposal will require hospitals to use defensive techniques and infrastructure, implement measures to protect information, and take preventative action before cyberattacks occur.

$500 million devoted to healthcare facilities



4. Proposed Florida bill to protect against cyberattack liability

Proposed Florida bill to protect against cyberattack liability

The legislation would protect counties, municipalities, commercial entities, and third-party agents from liability if they follow certain security requirements.

Why it matters: As states face growing cybersecurity attacks and breaches, many are trying to develop new strategies to prevent attacks and the costs associated with resolving them.

Cybersecurity breaches have been plaguing Florida



5. Understanding HIPAA healthcare statistics

Understanding HIPAA healthcare statistics

Healthcare organizations need to strengthen cybersecurity measures due to rapidly growing incidents.

Key statistics:

  • Stolen healthcare records account for 95% of all identity theft incidents.
  • Each employee in a healthcare organization has access to nearly 20% of files.
  • Health records are worth about 50 times more than credit card data.

Rapidly increasing exposure of medical records



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