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Paubox Weekly: AI Front and Center - HIMSS 2023 Conference Highlights

Paubox Weekly: AI Front and Center - HIMSS 2023 Conference Highlights

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1. AI Front and Center: HIMSS 2023 Conference Highlights


HIMSS Paubox team


The HIMSS 2023 conference in Chicago has been a whirlwind of insights and connections, highlighting the growing role of AI in healthcare and cybersecurity.

Why it matters: As AI becomes increasingly prevalent in the industry, understanding its implications and potential risks is crucial for healthcare organizations to maintain security, protect sensitive information, and deliver the best patient care.




2. GPT agents in healthcare: what you need to know


GPT agents in healthcare what you need to know


GPT agents are AI systems that use a GPT model to perform tasks like generating text, answering questions, translating languages, or engaging in conversation. 

Why it matters: Imagine having a GPT agent with the knowledge of say, WebMD, connected to your watch or phone, yielding realtime medical advice based on your activities. 

What are the caveats?



3. Solving email delivery issues like bouncebacks


Solving email delivery and bouncebacks-1


Email communication is essential for healthcare professionals, but one common issue is email bouncebacks, which can hinder patient communication and disrupt care and workflows. 

Why it matters: Effective, HIPAA compliant email is essential for healthcare professionals. By understanding the causes of bouncebacks, you can improve your email delivery rates.

How to avoid the junk folder



4. Preparing for an OCR HIPAA compliance audit


Preparing for an OCR HIPAA compliance audit


Upon receiving the audit notification, act quickly to set the foundation for a successful audit.  

Go deeper: Here are a set of actionable steps your organization can follow to prepare for and manage the audit process while addressing each aspect in detail.

A checklist in case of an audit



5. HHS Task Force announces new cybersecurity resources


HHS Task Force announces new cybersecurity resources


The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Cybersecurity Task Force announced new resources to prevent security failures and data breaches in the health sector. 

Why it matters: The educational resources provided by the HHS task force follow multiple data leaks and cybersecurity failures. 

Three free educational resources



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