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Day 2 at HIMSS 2023: Interoperability, telehealth and Paubox giveaway winners

Day 2 at HIMSS 2023: Interoperability, telehealth and Paubox giveaway winners

As the second day of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) 2023 conference unfolded, several trends stood out in the current healthcare landscape. Interoperability and telehealth, particularly in mental health, emerged as popular focal points for many companies, demonstrating the industry's commitment to seamless communication and access to care.

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With the conference settling into a comfortable rhythm, attendees engaged in more in-depth conversations with customers and prospective buyers. Every exhibitor we spoke to agreed that day 2 had more foot traffic, more discussion, and a dynamic environment,

As has been seen in previous years, many companies at HIMSS 2023 are addressing the interoperability challenge. As the healthcare industry increasingly relies on digital solutions, smooth communication between various platforms and systems is paramount. These companies showcased their commitment to bridging gaps in the healthcare ecosystem, enabling more efficient collaboration and data exchange among providers.

Telehealth and mental health, in particular, were a common motif, with numerous companies working on improving digital care. The increasing prevalence of telehealth, especially since the pandemic, has underscored its importance in providing accessible and flexible mental healthcare options for patients worldwide.

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Paubox contributed to the atmosphere of HIMSS 2023 with raffle giveaways and a happy hour at our booth. Three lucky winners walked away with fantastic prizes: a trip to Hawaii, a fancy tequila, and a top-shelf bourbon. The happy hour event was a hit, bringing people together for casual conversation and networking, further enriching the conference experience.

In summary, Day 2 at HIMSS 2023 showcased the continued evolution of the healthcare industry, with a focus on interoperability, telehealth, and mental health. As companies and attendees engaged in meaningful discussions and networking opportunities, the conference strengthened its position as a driving force for innovation and collaboration in healthcare.


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