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Paubox customers: Paubox Zoom social mixer (January 2024)

Paubox customers: Paubox Zoom social mixer (January 2024)

The Paubox Zoom social mixer for January 2024 was a roundtable discussion in which Paubox customers, old and new, discussed Paubox Forms, emerging trends, AI in cybersecurity, the latest phishing techniques, like "vishing" and how ExecProtect can help.

What's happening: Paubox Zoom social mixers allow our customers and prospects to network and learn new trends.

Why it matters: This month's mixer looked back at the top breaches of 2023, and what 2023's HIPAA breach statistics might mean for healthcare cybersecurity and IT directors in 2024. Again, much of the discussion involved AI, effective ways to leverage Paubox ExecProtect to mitigate phishing scams, and why employee training matters.

Our takeaways:

  • Social mixer attendees are excited about Paubox Forms - newly released and included in every Paubox Email Suite plan.
  • Healthcare organizations plan to use Paubox Forms with both employees and patients in a number of ways.
  • The ability to capture signatures in Paubox forms and, therefore, authorization was well received.
  • Despite a similar number of breaches in 2022 and 2023, the number of impacted individuals more than doubled.
  • HIPAA compliant text messaging remains a common feature request.
  • Some existing HIPAA text messaging solutions are not patient-friendly.
  • AI-based phishing is a common problem and AI will need to be leveraged to combat this.
  • Employee training is still crucial, and AI is already being used to make training more effective.
  • The HHS cracking down on Pixel tracking is still a concern.

The bottom line: Paubox customers use a broad range of tools and strategies to keep their email HIPAA compliant, protect their organizations, and find efficiencies. 

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