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Last May, we launched our first  Paubox Customer Success Road Show, returning to the homeland of Hawaii to meet with customers and  make new friends. While there, we visited  Make-a-Wish Hawaii and spoke with Siana Austin Hunt, the President and CEO of Make-a-Wish Hawaii. Make-a-Wish Hawaii is the reason Paubox was created.

During an auspicious lunch in San Francisco’s famous Chinatown, Make-a-Wish Hawaii President & CEO Siana Hunt shared her need to seamlessly communicate with other Make-a-Wish chapters, supporting vendors, hospitals and the medical community - all in a way that assured confidentiality and security for the sender and recipient. Thus, Paubox was born.


Make-a-Wish Hawaii Paubox Customer Success with Siana Austin Hunt



Below are the timestamps of our conversation:

0:00 - 1:21 = About Make-a-Wish Hawaii

1:21 - 3:26 = Keira’s wish at Make-a-Wish Hawaii’s 2018 “Saddle Up” Gala

3:27 - 3:57 = What is the criteria to qualify for Make-a-Wish?

3:58 - 4:52 = How do wishes impact children and their families?

4:52 - 6:00 = Hoala granting a wish for a Make-a-Wish child

6:00 - 7:10 = How many wishes Make-a-Wish Hawaii grant per year + kinds of wishes fulfilled

8:04 - 9:24 = Programs unique to Make-a-Wish Hawaii

9:25 - 12:09 = The genesis of Paubox + Make-a-Wish Hawaii

12:10 - 14:05 = The issue of fax machines in modern day healthcare

14:06 - 17:46 = Paubox Lightning Round


About Make-a-Wish Hawaii


Every year,  Make-a-Wish Hawaii grants wishes to thousands of  keiki - or children - fighting a critical illness. Their wish granting not only provide a lifelong memory for the child and their family, but it also empowers the children to fight harder against their illnesses, helping many overcome their battles and go on to lead healthy, long lives. Based in Honolulu in the Hawaiian island of Oahu, Make-a-Wish Hawaii brings the aloha spirit to families who need it.
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