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Siana Austin Hunt: We all have to invest in our own brand security

Siana Austin Hunt: We all have to invest in our own brand security

Last May, we launched our first  Paubox Customer Success Road Show, returning to the homeland of Hawaii to meet with customers and  make new friends. While there, we visited  Make-a-Wish Hawaii and spoke with Siana Austin Hunt, the President and CEO of Make-a-Wish Hawaii. Siana shared her thoughts on the fax machine's overuse in healthcare and how that affects brand security. You can read the transcript below and watch the full interview here.



Siana Austin Hunt: We all have to invest in our own brand security

Hoala Greevy: We’re just publishing a whitepaper of our own talking about the true cost of sending a fax. We believe that our true competition is the fax machine. And how long does it take to send a fax versus a Paubox Email Suite?

Siana Austin Hunt: Well that was really - I mean, most of my referral sources in the medical community like to send things over fast.

Hoala Greevy: It's incredible.

Siana Austin Hunt: It's crazy. So you'll love this: every semester, three times a year, we have incoming interns. They're college students getting college credit for their work here in the office and we actually have to teach them what a fax machine is.

Hoala Greevy: Yeah, some people in our company didn't even know what it looked like. We did an exercise. I had everyone send a fax. We all went down to a FedEx Kinkos thing, and I had everyone send a fax.

Siana Austin Hunt: We do it three times a year. And they all stand over it and they are like, “Wait, I hit this number and then send? Are you sure?” It’s really funny. So we’re not quite out of the dark ages but we’re definitely getting there.

Hoala Greevy: Well it's definitely because of the other parties that you deal with, right? That's a big part of the problem.

Siana Austin Hunt: We just need to get them into this next century with us. But the more that you provide in user interface for them to feel confident that what we're giving them and what they’re giving back is a safe space. And it’s happening, and we’re beginning to see more and more of that communication happen in real time with direct contacts. So great.

Hoala Greevy: That’s a good one, that’s a good one. That’s Make-a-Wish right there.

Siana Austin Hunt: And you know, it’s more and more the case. I was just reading this morning that one of our local, very, very popular restaurants got hacked. They’re in PBN right now. And the reality is we all have to invest in our own brand security because we’re only as good as the next major headline that our organization has. With donor sensitivity, they want to know that we’re safe, they want to invest in us, but they don’t want to be jeopardized themselves, and that’s a really important commitment that we need to make to them.

Hoala Greevy: Yeah.


About Make-a-Wish Hawaii


Every year,  Make-a-Wish Hawaii grants wishes to thousands of  keiki – or children – fighting a critical illness. Their wish granting not only provide a lifelong memory for the child and their family, but it also empowers the children to fight harder against their illnesses, helping many  overcome their battles and go on to lead healthy, long lives. Based in Honolulu in the Hawaiian island of Oahu, Make-a-Wish Hawaii brings the aloha spirit to families who need it.
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