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Paubox customer success: Paubox made Hawaii Cancer Care more efficient and secure

Paubox customer success: Paubox made Hawaii Cancer Care more efficient and secure

Last May, we launched our first Paubox Customer Success Road Show, returning to the homeland of Hawaii to meet with customers and make new friends. While there, we visited Hawaii Cancer Care and spoke with Christeii Gota, the practice administrator of HCC. As the practice administrator for Hawaii Cancer Care, Chris Gota needed to align her staff's efforts towards patients' cancer treatments instead of sending secure emails. When she discovered Paubox, a cloud-based email encryption solution that secures every email sent, she quickly saw how Paubox made Hawaii Cancer Care more efficient and secure.



Hawaii Cancer Care Customer Success with Christeii Gota


Below are the timestamps of our conversation:

0:00  0:13 = Intro

0:13  0:28 = What a practice administrator does

0:29  0:41 = About Hawaii Cancer Care

0:41  0:59 = Hawaii Cancer Care Locations + Plans for Expansion

0:59  1:18 = What is an infusion center?

1:19  1:43 = HCC’s community involvement + gala sponsorship

1:44  2:18 = How HIPAA affects Hawaii Cancer Care

2:19  2:44 = HCC’s incentive program with Medicare & CMS

2:45  3:44 = Life Before Paubox

3:45  4:18 = Difficulty of remembering patient code names

4:19  5:18 = Life After Paubox / Paubox + Office 365

5:19  5:42 = Paubox increases emails sent from mobile devices

5:43  6:46 = What Paubox’s cloud solution meant to HCC

6:47  7:40 = Cancer innovations from HCC

7:40  9:20 = Paubox Lightning Round


About Hawaii Cancer Care


Hawaii Cancer Care provides complete diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Their highly trained medical team uses a multidisciplinary approach to deliver cancer treatment in Hawaii that is individualized and precision based. They provide comprehensive medical care and support in their four locations on the Hawaiian island of Oahu.


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